Industrial Fluid Purification
Services and technology designed to fit your process fluid and industrial wastewater purification needs.

Craft Beer Clarification
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Ethanol – Corn Oil Extraction
Leading-edge technologies and unmatched services designed to maximize your corn oil potential.



Water-Based Industrial Fluid Purification


Industrial fluids are ever-present in a manufacturing environment and have multiple purposes. From the first cut, an industrial fluid begins to become contaminated — the fluid collects tramp oil, dissolved metals, chips, and particulate. Over time, the fluid’s performance degrades due to contamination, resulting in decreased tool life and part quality as well as increases in cost and downtime.

Clean fluid simply works better, and Trucent’s industrial fluid purification technologies and services keep your industrial fluid performing at a high level. Our expertise and portfolio of technologies and services allow us to develop the right purification system and program for your specific fluid application. Purified fluid results in longer fluid life and better performance, translating into lower costs and improved part quality.

Water-based chemicals that we manage include:

  • Synthetic coolants
  • Semisynthetic coolants
  • Soluble oil coolants
  • Alkaline washer fluids
  • Water-based rust preventatives
  • Pre-paint treatment chemicals
  • Paints and coatings
  • Water-based quenching fluids
  • Floor cleaners