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CentraSep S-126 Maximizes Profits for Glass Fabricators

Industrial Glass Grinding Fluid

PROBLEM: Grinding, seaming, drilling, beveling, and polishing glass generates fines or powder contaminate, which are typically carried away from the workpiece with coolants or water. The resulting contaminated fluid, if not filtered continuously, results in producing poor edge quality. The dirty coolant also causes expensive cutting tools to wear faster and require frequent replacement. Ultimately, production must be shut down to clean and maintain the filtering tanks and equipment. All of these issues with dirty coolant result in less production, more waste, increased expenses, and less profit.

Various methods of coolant filtration have been attempted throughout the glass industry. Filters, filter presses, and chemically managed settling tanks all of which are hampered with problems, high maintenance, and chemical costs. Older technology centrifuges have also been used, but their more complex designs are not ideal for the rigorous demands of the glass fabrication industry. The common complaint heard from glass fabricators about other centrifuges is like this one…

“Nothing works to filter glass coolant like a centrifuge, but the older type of centrifuges that are still widely available don’t filter as well, and are continually needing shutdowns for costly maintenance and service issues.”

SOLUTION: The CentraSep S-126 centrifuge is built to handle whatever the glass industry can throw at it. Its filtering capabilities are unmatched and it will operate for years with very little maintenance or attention. Jeff Beattey, a Trucent Vice President and inventor of the CentraSep S-126, summarized the performance and success of the CentraSep centrifuge as follows…

“There is a reason why nearly all of the major glass fabricating companies in the world have chosen CentraSep centrifuges. Whether they are processing glass for architectural purposes, automotive glass, furniture, etc., keeping their coolant clean is a major concern and they have trusted the CentraSep S-126 to handle that job.”

Fabricators using CentraSep centrifuges are seeing rapid returns on their investment (ROI) of as little as 3 – 18 months. They are also enjoying increased profits, less downtime, and higher quality fabricated glass, and their plants are more environmentally friendly.

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