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Die Caster Avoids Shutdown, Saves Over $200,000

Die Caster Reduces Operational Costs

Purging and cleaning an engine manufacturer’s central coolant system can maintain the product’s surface finish standards and decrease tooling replacement. During an annual plant shutdown period, the manufacturer was purging over 12,500 gallons of coolant, paying overtime to staff, and paying for waste treatment services. Despite the costs, this was a successful program with a positive return.

During a fluid optimization discussion with Trucent, plant management learned they could realize even more savings and reduce waste output by purifying and reusing the contaminated fluids. Working with plant engineers, Trucent designed a new plan.

Seven portable storage tanks, two purification modules, and a few Trucent technicians were brought in during the next four-day shutdown period to execute the new plan. Trucent pumped the fluid and contaminants into the storage tanks, purified the fluid using two skid-mounted centrifuge modules, verified fluid purity standards with a mobile testing lab, and returned the fluid back to the central system.

In less than the four-day period allowed, tramp oil levels dropped from 4% to <1%, over 80% of the insoluble materials were removed, and the fluid supplier’s chemical manager verified the specifications in the central coolant system.

On top of preventing over 12,500 gallons of chemicals from entering the waste system, the facility was able to bank the overtime hours and over $200,000 in savings.

“Applying fluid purification expertise to an already successful program saved our customer from spending unnecessary funds and discarding chemical waste.”
– Dave Semersky, Director of Fluid Purification, Trucent

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