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Engine Manufacturer Saves $45,000

A process error enabled 1,500 gallons of water to find its way to the 10,000-gallon central honing oil tank of an engine manufacturer.

The contamination shut down operations, and a full replacement of the honing oil was determined to be the best solution. With a required lead time of 72 hours to complete the replacement, cleanup, and drying processes, the customer decided to review other options. A team working on the plant’s coolant-purification solution understood the value of fluid-fluid separations technology and asked Trucent to review the honing oil contamination issue.

After analyzing samples, Trucent fluid technicians identified a dehydration solution capable of removing the water without the need to drain and replace the honing oil. To expedite the solution, a mobile purification unit was trailered into the plant to enable the customer’s millwrights to connect it directly to the contaminated tank. One hour later, fluid technicians were processing and purifying the contaminated oil. The solution resulted in over $45,000 of savings in honing oil and cleanup and drying services. The customer also avoided 48 hours of shutdown, and the oil returned was cleaner and drier than the specified replacement.

“Every year, customized mobile purification units save customers from unnecessary shutdowns and fluid waste purges quickly and efficiently.”
Dave Semersky
Director of Fluid Purification, Trucent
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