Trucent Bioprocess Solutions
Since 2005, Trucent has been a leading service and
technology provider in the ethanol industry, pioneering innovative solutions for corn oil extraction. With a focus
on meeting our customers’ evolving needs, we leverage
our expertise to engineer tailored solutions.

We provide the cutting-edge technologies and partnerships to tackle the most challenging production obstacles. Our team’s technical proficiency extends across industries, including Vegetable Processing, Biotechnology, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Renewable Diesel.

Over the past decade, Trucent has introduced novel corn oil extraction platforms, with nearly 100 installations worldwide. Our solutions employ advanced technologies and adapt to changes in stillage solids content.

Trucent CORE™:  Revolutionizing Corn Oil Refinement
CORE™ technology significantly reduces impurities in Distillers Corn Oil (DCO), creating TruDCO™, a cleaner oil for direct sale to Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel refineries.

This breakthrough stems from our extensive vegetable oil processing experience and proprietary fluid separation techniques. It underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Optimizing Every Step:

On a mission to recover
the full potential of corn oil