Trucent Bioprocess Solutions
As a service and technology provider in the ethanol industry since 2005, we’ve learned that corn oil is one of the most important coproduct revenue streams for ethanol plants. While others are satisfied with meeting only customers’ most pressing needs, Trucent is reaching higher.

We pursue new technologies and partnerships centered on solving our customers’ most demanding output and production challenges. We believe that knowledge, data, and unmatched service are critical in changing the story of corn oil extraction. The Bioprocess Solutions team also applies its technical expertise to the Vegetable Processing, Biotechnology, Renewable Diesel industries, and more.

Over the past decade, Trucent has pioneered a proprietary corn oil extraction and recovery platform. With  nearly 100 installations, Trucent consistently enables facilities to maximize corn oil yields. Our solutions seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with innovative chemistry. Specifically tailored to adapt to changes in stillage solids content, our technology incorporates enhanced clean-in-place (CIP) procedures to prevent fouling and clogging.

Trucent CORE™:  Game-changing technology 
Corn Oil Refinement Equipment (CORE™) is a Technology module designed by Trucent to significantly reduce impurities in Distillers Corn Oil (DCO), resulting in a cleaner oil called TruDCO™, which can be sold directly to renewable diesel refineries.

This advancement in oil treatment technology was born out of years of vegetable oil processing experience in combination with proprietary fluid separation process techniques and solutions.

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