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Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) provides all the parts you need for all brands of high speed disc stack centrifuges. Below is a partial list. We will be growing this area of the website and turning it into a larger online ordering platform, so check back often to see our progress. For now, just call (317-288-8700), email (, or use the Quick Order Form below, and let us know what you need. We will respond promptly with prices and delivery times. We have a fully stocked warehouse, with both OEM and Aftermarket parts. Be sure to ask about our service capabilities as well!

Look below for your part/kit number and use the order form, email at, or give us a call  317-288-8700.

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  • Service Kits for Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak
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  • Centrifuge Models & Parts Manuals
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Service Kits for GEA, Westfalia and Other Brands

Our pricing on GEA, Westfalia and other Service Kits is as low and competitive as it can be. To request this special low pricing or other info, use the Parts Order Form below,  email us at, or call (317)288-8700.

Service Kits for Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak – Pricing Shown

NEW – Special Reduced Pricing as pre-packaged Service Kits, ready for Immediate Shipping! Intermediate (Inter.) and Major Preventive Maintenance Kits available. Find your machine model below for service kit numbers and pricing. Models not listed below with special pricing are also supported (just contact us for pricing). Order via the Quick Order Form below, or email, or call (317)288-8700.

Model  Inter. Kit #   Price     Major Kit #    Price
MRPX-318-HGV     318-I$944.59        318-M$5,042.63
MRPX-418-HGV     418-I$944.59        418-M$5,042.63
MRPX-518-HGV     518-I$1,071.85        518-M$3,758.44
MRPX-618-HGV     618-I$1,217.51        618-M$3,803.39
MRPX-718-HGV     718-I$1,256.95        718-M$3,773.07
MRPX-818-HGV     818-I$2,417.91        818-M$3,586.15

Centrifuge Models & Parts Manuals

(in alphabetical order:
partial list, contact us if you don’t see your model)

  • BRPX 213 Clarifier Parts Manual
  • BRPX 213 Instruction Manual
  • BRPX 213 Parts Manual
  • BRPX 213-30 S Parts Manual
  • CB 505-01-032 Parts Manual
  • CSE 500-01-777 1738-764 Parts Manual
  • ECOCLEAR 1734-779 Parts Manual
  • ESB 130-01-076 SN 1715-028 Parts Manual
  • GSC 40-06-077 SN 1735-126 Parts Manual
  • GSE 200-06-777 SN 1727-610 Parts Manual
  • HFB 130-01-177 Parts List & Manual
  • HMRPX-518HGV-74C Parts Manual
  • MRPX 213 Parts Manual
  • MRPX 214 Parts Manual
  • MRPX 318 TGV-74C Parts Manual
  • MRPX W 718HGV-74C Parts Manual
  • MSA 60-01-076 SN 1662879 Parts Manual
  • MSA-130-01-076 SN 1668-545 Parts Manual
  • MSA-200-01-076 Parts Manual
  • MSB 130-01-076 SN 1673-239 Parts Manual
  • MSB 60-01-076 SN 1670-633 Parts Manual
  • MSD 130-01-076 SN 1693-782 Parts Manual
  • MSD 170-01-076 Parts Manual
  • MSD 200-01-076 Parts Manual
  • MSD 300-01-777 Parts Manual
  • MSE 230-01-777 Parts Manual
  • MSE 350-01-777 Parts Manual
  • MSE 230 Whey Separator Parts Manual
  • MSI 350-01-772 Parts Manual
  • MSI 350-01-772 Instruction Manual
  • MSI 500-01-772 Parts Manual
  • RSE 220-01-777 Parts Manual
  • SA 100-06-777 Parts Manual
  • SA 40-03-177 Parts Manual
  • SA 45-03-177 Parts Manual
  • SA 45-03-177 & 107 ed 1190 Parts Manual
  • SA 45-03-107 Parts Manual
  • SA 45-06-177 Parts Manual
  • SA 45-36-177 SN 1657-486 Parts Manual
  • SAMM 15006 Parts Manual
  • SC 120-06-777 Parts Manual 3290-9001-000
  • SC 120-06-777 SN 1694-724 Part Manual
  • Tetra C40 TeM-3284581-0101 Parts Manual

Common Centrifuge Parts, Supplies & Parts Kits


(partial list, contact us if you don’t see what you need)

  • Major Rebuild Kits
  • Minor Rebuild Kits
  • Intermediate Preventive Maintenance Kits
  • Intermediate Service Kits
  • Major Preventive Maintenance Kits
  • Major Service Kits
  • Seal Kits
  • Bearings Kits
  • Spindles
  • Bearings
  • Seal Rings
  • Carbon Seals
  • Centripetal Pumps
  • Gears
  • Gear Box Oil
  • And More!

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