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Making Brewers’ Lives Easier

If you’re facing delays due to long sedimentation times, hop burn, or output loss during dry-hopping and fruit additions, it’s time for a solution. Don’t let consistency issues lead to off-flavors, secondary fermentation, or poor shelf-life. Trucent’s purpose-built centrifuges can optimize your brewing process. 

A Trucent beer centrifuge optimizes production by minimizing common
challenges, such as oxygen exposure. Unlike general-use separators, our DB Series centrifuges are specifically designed for brewery processes. With mechanical hermetic seals, they ensure minimal oxygen pickup—usually zero, guaranteed less than 10 ppb—without the need for deoxygenated water or inert gas. Preserve carbonation, aromas, and flavors effortlessly.

Available in 10 model sizes with optional add-ons for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation, Trucent centrifuges allow for tailored solutions to accommodate all beer styles and facility sizes, whether on the hot side or in the cellar. To match your brewing needs and budget, Trucent offers rental or leasing options.

Crafting Clear and Hazy Brews Made Easy

A Trucent DB centrifuge removes chill haze and produces bright brands. With high bowl RPM and specific disc design, it ensures consistent protein removal and meets turbidity specs. It also allows precise control over turbidity, preserving desired flavors while removing unwanted elements.

Maximize Yield, Enhance Quality

Investing in the right centrifuge technology is a game-changer. A purpose-built beer centrifuge can increase production by 30 to 50 percent. With significant reclaimed beer from sediment and decreased batch time, it streamlines the brewing process without the need for more fermenters. Expect increased fermenter yield, lower transfer loss, improved consistency, and shelf-life. A Trucent DB beer centrifuge typically pays for itself in 12 to 18 months.

Committed to Service Excellence

Service is a Trucent cornerstone. With a process-oriented approach, we’ve curated expert teams versed in equipment, fluid separation, and brewery operations. Whether you have an existing centrifuge or are new to media-free filtration, our Centrifuge Parts and Repair team offers refurbishment, repairs, and maintenance. We’re dedicated to finding the right solution for your needs and ensuring long-term reliability. Beyond closing a sale, we’ll get you up and running, provide training, and offer ongoing support.

Every solution begins with a conversation.

Let’s start today to enhance your beer clarity, remove solids, and preserve the unique pint experience.

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