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In metalworking, fluid performance is everything. It’s also often misunderstood. Problems are not caused by the metalworking fluids — coolants and cutting oils are designed for durability. Problems actually arise as a result of debris, like solids, tramp oil, foreign liquids, bacteria, metal chips, and fines, contaminating the fluid. In fact, over 75% of metalworking fluid failure is caused by contaminants. Even small changes in fluid chemistry can influence everything from part quality and tool life to employee health.

Great care is taken monitoring, maintaining, and replacing machine tools, and ensuring that tool and part tolerances are held to within thousandths of an inch. However, the same care is generally not given to the very metalworking fluids necessary to keep those tools and parts within tolerance. Keeping metalworking fluid in optimal shape requires a deep understanding of fluid chemistry and the sources of contaminants that lead to fluid failure, as well as the expertise and technology to maintain fluid performance.

Over the past 20 years, we have experienced the many challenges of supporting and maintaining process fluids and lubricants used in facilities like yours.​ As a global leader in metalworking fluid separation, recovery, and purification solutions, Trucent’s Fluid Solutions Group (FSG) helps manufacturers and producers achieve optimal fluid performance and operational excellence while incorporating sustainable processes.

Our team of engineers and scientists, account managers, and technicians, supported by state-of-the art laboratory and pilot testing facilities, can create a customer-centric fluid performance solution, combining service and technology to offer true innovation for your specific needs.

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