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A wide range of separation challenges — liquid from liquid, solid from liquid, suspensions, emulsions, three-phase separation, coproduct extraction — exists in many different industries. Trucent understands that one size does not fit all, which is why we incorporate a rigorous pilot trial activity in our process. Using our pilot plant, we can specifically identify the challenges you face and design a separation system that fits your needs.

After taking samples from your plant, we run the contaminated fluid through a number of separation technologies, first to separate out and then to identify, in concert with our in-house laboratory, what makes up the contaminants. Once we’ve identified all components and gained a complete understanding of the fluid in your facility’s environment, we tap into our portfolio of technologies to define a process solution that’s right for you. We invest to ensure your success before you decide to commit.

Our pilot facility utilizes:

  • Wide range of centrifugation technologies
  • Vacuum dehydrators
  • Screw presses
  • Membranes and filters
  • Scroll decanters
  • Distillation technology

Combining the right technology with the right chemistry, Trucent can solve your separation challenge.