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Metal Grinding Coolant Filtration

Underperforming metal-grinding coolant filtration at one step in your process creates havoc all down the line. Once particulates start spiking past the upper control limit, you see cascading failures. Your metalworking fluid ceases to perform as a lubricant and coolant. Tool life decreases. Excess tool wear means more particulate in your coolant, further straining your cutting fluid.

As coolant performance falters, work quality becomes inconsistent and rejects go up. In some cases, bad coolant can lead to the machining process altering the metallurgy of your workpieces. They look fine, but get rejected down the line by your customer. Meanwhile, rising particulate levels in your sumps are creating a breeding ground for bacteria, which will further eat away at your cutting fluid.

Out-of-Date Metal-Grinding Coolant Filtration Strategies

When plants struggle with their metalworking fluid, it always comes back to their filtration strategy. Many facilities still rely on out-of-date filtration systems that chronically underperform in modern production settings–and often grow increasingly unreliable over time. The only remedy is dumping, manual wipe downs, and recharging the coolant. This is costly—in terms of labor, wasted fluids, and lost production time. Like any other unpleasant necessity, this maintenance gets put off—especially during periods of high workload or tight production schedules.

Fluid Separation Industrial PurificationBut proper modern filtration will deliver clean fluid at the right flow and pressure precisely where you need it. This is critical to an efficient (and profitable) operation. Better fluid means a cleaner process, cleaner machines, and cleaner tools—which translates to higher part quality, longer tool life, lower environmental impact, and cost savings across the board.

So why do facilities stick with these older, failing filtration systems? Because no one has the time to find a better way, let alone the energy to take on the task of maintaining that new coolant filtration system.

That’s why Trucent is dedicated to finding comprehensive fluid filtration solutions, not just adding one more piece of balky equipment to your system.

A Process-Oriented Approach to Fluid Purification

We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach to metal grinding coolant filtration. We’ve spent decades building teams that understand filtration technology, the fundamental chemistry governing fluid separation, and the industrial operations and processes that rely on that technology. Our teams bring together decades of experience with a vast set of filtration and purification tools: non-disposable media filtration, magnetic separators, coalescers, centrifuges, decanters, and more.

Fluid Management Service for Industrial FluidsThat team will work with yours to fully understand the failure mechanisms infiltrating your processes, find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the right application. We’ll assist with getting you up and running, train your team, and offer centrifuge parts, maintenance, and service packages on an ongoing basis. If you already have a centrifuge in place, we can still help improve your operation. Trucent Centrifuge Parts and Repair will refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models of disc stack centrifuges.

Going Further with Filtration and Purification

We can even go one further: We can install a team in your plant to run and manage all your fluids and filtration technology on a daily basis. Your in-house Trucent team will handle coolant buying, then monitor and maintain those fluids at appropriate levels and concentrations for your applications. When they’re spent, we dispose of the fluid with minimal negative impact to your business and our world.

No one else offers this level of comprehensive metal-grinding coolant service.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today. We can schedule a free, no-obligation on-site consultation. Or we can just begin to discuss how to best meet your metal-grinding coolant filtration challenges.


Comprehensive Coolant Purification and Filtration Services

Trucent provides comprehensive coolant purification solutions and services. We can help you maintain your existing centrifuge—or design an entirely new particulate removal solution for your line. We can install one piece of equipment or an entire team to manage all your filtration technology on a daily basis. The goals remain the same: Cleaner coolant, longer tool life, higher quality parts, and a swift return on your investment.

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Metalworking Fluid Purification and Reclaimation

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Metalworking Reclaim Saves $400,000 Annually


A transmission component supplier had dozens of independent machine tools, each with its own sump. Their existing filtration system was unable to maintain appropriate purity specs, forcing them to frequently “top off” their metalworking fluids. This approach overwhelmed the sumps, sending perfectly good metalworking fluid down the drain. 


A Trucent team introduced a new approach to fluid management that included reengineering the customer’s centralized purification system. This approach reduced their coolant concentrate usage by 60%. Consequently, the customer documented decreases in waste treatment costs and water usage. In just four months they saved $30,000 in tooling costs.

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