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Clarification is second nature to us. Our capability and willingness to provide high-quality and consistent aftermarket service is what sets Trucent apart. By combining these elements with deeply rooted values of sustainability and an obsession with protecting beer against Oxygen, you get a product and service that is unmatched in the Craft Beer industry.

Why Brewery Centrifuges? Product

Why Brewery Centrifuges?

Trucent has been mastering the art of fluid separation since the late 1990s. Since then, we have served companies in a variety of industries by improving their processes, reducing the amount of waste generated, and creating new revenue streams. After the boom of the craft beer industry, we found that many craft brewers were running into similar challenges and disappointments while trying to brew their passion. Some of the key challenges we notice include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping Oxygen out of their beer
  • Sedimentation time
  • Consistency from batch to batch
  • Inefficient fermenter usage
  • Keeping up with demand
  • Beer loss when transferring
  • Preventing shelf-life and bottle bombs

We saw a few companies trying to tackle these problems, but were either falling short in their technology design or in the service, or lack of service provided, after the sale. Our machine was purposefully designed for craft beer, and service has been the backbone of our business from the beginning.

The beer industry has many different size breweries. There are global and national brewers that focus on mass production, and there are regional and local brewers that tend to focus on their craft, and brewing the best beer possible. In the beer centrifuge industry, there are large companies that focus on mass production, and there is one company that focuses on their craft, providing the best technology with high-quality, reliable, and genuine service. We know our craft, and we sure love yours.

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Trucent’s CentraSep DB Series is a series of purposefully designed craft beer centrifuges, in 10 different sizes, that can assist you in multiple locations within your operation. Brewery centrifuge application areas include hot wort, cold wort, green beer, fermentation to bright tank, beer recovery from yeast cake, and pre-filtration.

The easy part with beer centrifugation is separating the solids from your beer. Where the challenge comes in is protecting your beer from oxygen. Our hermetically designed brewery centrifuge will protect your beer’s aroma with 0-10 ppb oxygen pick-up. Also, our fast and precise discharge time minimizes product losses and maximizes dry solids content at the discharge. Below are some additional design and operating features of the CentraSep DB Series centrifuges, as well as the brewery sizes that can reap the benefits of beer centrifugation.


  • Sizing options with flow rates ranging from 1 to 640 bbl/hr
  • Oxygen pick-up 0 to 10 parts per billion
  • Short installation time, lower maintenance cost
  • High bowl RPM and selected disk design for enhanced clarification, even polishing
  • Hermetic seal design eliminates the need for inserting gas or degassed water
  • Sanitary design, fully cleanable (CIP)
  • Consistent and adjustable turbidity
  • Ten sizes with three automation levels: manual, semi-automatic, automatic


  • Microbreweries
  • Brewpubs
  • Contract Brewing Companies
  • Regional Craft Breweries
  • Regional Breweries


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