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Advanced Corn Oil Extraction Yields Consistent Income

Ethanol Corn Oil Extraction

The Ethanol industry depends more than ever on their coproducts. DDGS (distiller’s dried grains with solubles) are essential, but what can make or break an ethanol plant is their corn oil, vital both as feedstock for biodiesel production and as a supplement to animal feed. But are you getting all you can from these revenue streams? Most ethanol producers’ corn oil extraction efforts leave roughly 60 percent of the available distillers’ corn oil (DCO) behind. Using Trucent technology and services, it’s not unusual for a plant to add millions of dollars in annual revenue by merely improving their DCO extraction–without detracting from your existing DDGS and ethanol production.

Corn Oil Extraction: Technology, Chemistry, and Expertise

Over the past several years, Trucent has built a proprietary corn oil extraction and recovery platform. Working in more than 40 ethanol plants, we’ve processed thousands of samples, looking at 250 factors, and then isolating the 50+ key factors that help us determine how to adjust your chemistry and flow management to maximize your corn oil extraction. This approach has made it possible for ethanol plants to consistently extract 75 to 95 percent of the available corn oil from each bushel.

Corn Oil Separation Skid COSSThese solutions rely on both new technology and new chemistry. Our high-speed disc centrifuges and syrup conditioning system have been continuously improved to more efficiently extract more corn oil while protecting downstream equipment. They are optimized to compensate for changes in stillage solids content, with enhanced clean-in-place (CIP) procedures to mitigate fouling and prevent clogging.

Trucent’s exclusive chemistry— isn’t just a new tweak on existing de-emulsifiers. This is an entirely new molecule for corn oil recovery.  And it is made from ethanol and produced in plants across the US.

Every user benefits from a Trucent service contract and oil tracking program–at no additional fee. Tucent Oil Tracker Programs include detailed weekly reports noting sample variations and recommending actions to improve oil recovery.

The Trucent Difference: Using the Right Tool to do the Right Job

We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach. This has meant spending decades investing in a team composed of more than equipment experts and engineers. We bring together people who understand equipment, people who understand fluid separation at a fundamental level, and people who understand your corn oil and ethanol plants. We’ll work with you to determine the right intervention and the right technology and match it to the right application.

Industrial Fluid Management ServiceAnd then we go further. We’ll assist with getting you up and running, train your team, and can offer centrifuge parts, maintenance, and service packages. If you already have a centrifuge in place, we can still help improve your operation. Trucent’s Centrifuge Parts and Repair team will refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models of high-speed disc stack centrifuges.

We offer oil tracking programs, on-site service teams, and ongoing consultation guided by the leading minds in DCO. No one else provides this level of attention to corn oil extraction so that you can get the most from each bushel, hassle-free.

Every solution begins with a conversation. We’ll come to your site and work our way down your line, sampling your fluids pre-process, post-process, and at every important stage along the way. We then take fluid samples back to our labs for analysis before designing and pilot testing your enhanced DCO extraction solution. Contact us today to start that conversation, or schedule a free, no-obligation on-site consultation. Let’s find a better way to maximize your distillers’ corn oil recovery.


Comprehensive Solutions & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive solutions to your challenges. We can help you maintain an existing solution and almost certainly improve on what’s currently in place. And we can be on hand to help you manage that solution as your needs dictate. The goal remains the same: Peak consistent DCO extraction, year after year.

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Third COSS Module Adds $1.2M in DCO Annually


Adding a third Corn Oil Separation System (COSS-SL) module helps Midwestern ethanol producer generate $1.2M annually and decrease additive costs by $300K.


Within weeks, the third COSS installation and integration was compatible and produced 24% more DCO (limited by feed fat feed tag requirements). In addition, a 70% reduction in chemical usage was achieved.