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Ethanol – Corn Oil Extraction


Trucent is a global leader in separation technology and coproduct recovery, helping manufacturers and producers achieve low-cost operations through sustainable processes. Trucent goes beyond just meeting your needs — we’re reaching higher by pursuing new technologies and partnerships centered on solving our customers’ most demanding output and production challenges.

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Since 2005, Trucent has been a technology and service provider in the ethanol industry. Our team of chemists and engineers have gained a deep understanding of factors that affect corn oil extraction. We believe that by extracting corn oil as a co-product next to DDGS and ethanol, selling it as biodiesel feedstock and animal feed, ethanol producers drastically improve their sustainability and bottom line.

We believe ethanol producers deserve a partner who is willing to become an extension of their team, one who will provide technology and service that never fail to come through with consistency, enabling them to focus their time on ethanol production.


Trucent offers a portfolio of market-leading technologies and platforms used in the recovery of co-products in ethanol plants. Combined with knowledge, data, and service, our technology — built upon our experience in coproduct extraction — raises the standard for distillers corn oil extraction in the industry. Our portfolio is straightforward with a laser-focused mission of maximizing corn oil production in ethanol plants.


Technology Service Program

The backbone of COSS-SL system’s best-in-class performance is the Technology Service Program (TSP) that maximizes uptime, reliability, and production through operations and maintenance support.

  • Advanced Analytical Support
  • Process Analytics
  • Product Distribution
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Shutdown Support
  • Full Inventory of Spare Parts
  • Guaranteed to be on-site within 24 hours of notification

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Corn Oil Optimization

DCO Plus

DCO Plus is a program that focuses on providing ethanol plants with process improvements that lead to documented cost savings or net revenue improvements in the first year. Trucent enables ethanol plants to accomplish these goals by leveraging many years of experience and expertise in extracting distillers corn oil. This experience is manifested through comprehensive process analytics, a full-plant evaluation, plant data comparisons, and technical and engineering support for implementation.

The team behind Trucent’s DCO Plus program has a makeup like none other, combining Ph.D. chemists, former plant managers and maintenance managers, and highly skilled technicians. This group is eager to become an extension of your team and help you optimize your corn oil extraction.

  • A full, comprehensive plant-unit operations sampling, and oil and solid analysis for a statistically significant oil and material mass balance (Process Analytics)
  • On-site plant evaluation during Process Analytics to evaluate process flow and plant operations that can affect corn oil extraction (Plant Evaluation)
  • Presentation to plant management on results of the Process Analytics and Plant Evaluation, which includes plant data comparisons to reference plants and KPIs, and specific recommendations on process improvements to improve distillers corn oil yield
  • Technical, analytical, and engineering support for the implementation of recommendations
  • Monthly consultations


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DCO Report Card

We believe that true, relevant data has the power to change outcomes when leveraged correctly. This program focuses on measuring a plant’s corn oil extraction efficiency per bushel and how it compares to the rest of the industry. The DCO Report Card allows ethanol plants to get a deeper understanding of how they stack up against the industry, identifying clear steps toward improving processes.

Presentation to ethanol plant management on findings of the Process Analytics and Plant Evaluation includes plant data comparisons to reference plants and KPIs, and specific recommendations on process improvements to improve distillers corn oil yield.

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Oil Tracking

The Trucent Oil Tracker program is focused on tracking the efficiency of an ethanol plant’s corn oil extraction units. It is rooted in the belief that plants should be regularly monitoring their extraction efficiency but may not always have the time to do so — employing this program puts the responsibility in Trucent’s hands, giving valuable time back to the plant operators.

  • Weekly tracking of syrup quality and process parameters that affect oil quality
  • Client dashboard to monitor trends and alerts when factors that affect oil extraction are changed
  • Monitoring and evaluation of oil production changes, from small-scale trials to full-scale technology adoption

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