Fluid Separation Technology by Trucent

Explore Sustainable Brewery Operations at the ASBC/MBAA Brewing Summit in Providence, RO, Aug 14–16, Booth #400

Craft Beer Flight

Brewers of all sizes—from craft breweries and brewpubs to the biggest beverage consortiums—are facing an array of sustainability challenges:

. . . not to mention the daily operational challenges of producing a consistent product and maintaining a healthy balance sheet. So it’s no surprise that this year’s Brewing Summit is focused on promoting evidence-based practices and thus “Brewing a Sustainable Future” for the brewing industry​.

The Brewing Summit—a joint conference hosted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA)—happens only once every four years (making this the first post-pandemic Summit). 

As ever, the Summit continues to be dedicated to increasing networking and collaboration throughout the brewing industry by connecting folks across the spectrum of technical and operational specialties to share knowledge and spark innovation. In particular, this year’s conference aims to focus on improving benchmarking and data analysis around brewery operations, so that brewers can save their energy for demonstrably sustainable strategies and practices.

Talk Separation Science with Trucent

Trucent’s Chris Clausen will be speaking on the afternoon of the Summit’s second day (August 14). His talk, “Using Science to Perfect Separation,” will help attendees improve their understanding of the underlying physics of separation. He’ll cover separation fundamentals, how to select technology (including natural sedimentation, sedimentation with flocculation, filtration, and centrifugation), and how various factors and technologies apply to optimizing operations for specific beer types. Clausen is especially interested in how the right application of separation technology can improve yields, reduce labor, reduce batch time, and free up tankage. Any one of these alone is great. Together, they amplify each others’ benefits.

“A purpose-built brewery centrifuge is a versatile tool for any brewer from micro to macro,” Clausen explains. “Regardless of the technology, by understanding the physics of separation, you have control over quality and cellar efficiency. This session will help you understand separation, how to select the right technology, and discuss the variables you can control to optimize operation.” 

Can’t make the talk? Have questions? Interested in learning how to address specific separation challenges you’re facing in your brewery or with one of your brands? Come chat with Us at Booth #400. We’re eager to share his experience and expertise in using separation technology in beverage production and ensuring a healthy brewery operation.

Can’t make it to Providence this year, but still thirsty for more separation information? Give Trucent a call today.