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Industrial Fluid Purification


Machine tools and parts are controlled within thousandths of an inch. Yet, we often find that the industrial fluids used to maintain those tolerances are not controlled with that level of precision. As industrial fluid experts, Trucent designs, implements, and oversees a complete service and technology portfolio, engineered to optimize fluid life and performance. We improve part quality and tool life, saving our customers time and money.

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Fluid Performance Program

For industrial fluid to perform at the highest level, it must be well maintained. With Trucent’s comprehensive and fully integrated Fluid Performance program, our engineers collaborate with customers to select the right fluid, monitor fluid and control contamination within specifications, and gain an understanding of the fluid’s effect on plant processes and environment.

Our “no-worries” fluid management system increases efficiency and drives continuous improvement by aligning the goals of cost reduction and better performance. Through process engineering and mass balance analysis, we create a full picture of your plant — laboratory analysis is used to identify contaminants within the fluid. Customers get full access to Trucent engineering resources along with ongoing analytics to ensure fluid performance and consistency.

By implementing sound industrial fluid management techniques and systems, Trucent customers successfully optimize fluid performance and maximize fluid life, improving product quality and throughput while creating healthier and safer workspaces. Cost reduction is guaranteed.

Trucent’s Fluid Performance program includes:

  • Expert process and application engineering, working in concert with plant personnel, to ensure the best technology, platform, and chemistry
  • Dedicated Trucent account manager and technician (full-time, on-site, or intermittent)
  • Optimized solutions that can be deployed for single reservoirs, work cells, or plant-wide
  • Regular laboratory/analytical assessment of fluid concentration, contamination, pH, etc.
  • Comprehensive customer portal
  • Cost per unit, fixed monthly fee, or fixed monthly fee plus consumable pricing models

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Purification Services

We created this portfolio of industrial technology and services to solve purification problems while helping to maintain equipment and keep fluid within specifications and desired consistency for optimal operation and long life.

With this program, we are able to not only improve product quality and throughput, but also improve the overall health and safety of the work environment. Laboratory analysis is employed to identify fluid contaminants and ensure an optimal filtration solution — process engineering and mass balance analysis are used to understand plant processes. These evaluations are ongoing to maintain fluid performance and consistency.

Our “no-worries” approach to continued fluid quality lets customers enjoy lower fluid consumption costs and maximum fluid life.

Trucent’s Purification Services include:

  • Expert process and application engineering, working in concert with plant personnel to ensure the best equipment/platform
  • Routine maintenance of equipment by on-site technician
  • Regular laboratory/analytical assessment of fluid concentration, contamination, pH, etc. and corrective action

Program execution can include:

  • Technology modules/platforms permanently installed at the site
  • Technology rental
  • Mobile trucks/skids/modules regularly brought on-site to purify fluids whether accumulated in tanks or for use as a dialysis/bypass module

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Trucent’s Technology program offers market-leading products and platforms used in industrial fluid purification applications. Deployed as stand-alone products or within integrated packages, these filtration and separation technologies help us conduct a careful analysis of our customers’ processes — and contamination-caused failures of fluid’s performance, which can cause health, safety, or environmental issues, as well as challenges with cost, part quality, tool life, and throughput.

  • Water-Based Purification
  • Oil-Based Purification
  • Wash Solution Purification
  • Industrial Wastewater Purification