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Volatility in the ethanol market presents opportunities to streamline production, leverage coproducts, and sustainably lower costs—but only if you’ve got the support you need to to operate at peak efficiency and make the most of your extraction.

The Trucent Difference: Deep Team Knowledge

Each biofuel operation is unique. No one else in the world is handling the exact same mix of materials under the same conditions, with the same variations in flow and insolubles. Still, too many people will try to meet your unique challenges with generic solutions.

That’s why Trucent is dedicated to understanding your process—before we try to help you improve it. Our team brings together decades of experience with equipment, engineering, the biofuels industry, and the chemical foundations of fluid separation and extraction.

Your Trucent team will help you reduce and remove inefficiencies wherever they have crept into your operation. We walk your process with you, identifying problem areas, and sampling your fluids at every important stage along the way. After lab analysis, we collaborate with you to design an solution that will meet your spec. Every Trucent solution is pilot tested in our labs and on-site as well (as need dictates)—so you can be confident that solution meets your expectations. No one else can offer this level of comprehensive service—and ensure that you can make a clean fuel that meets consumer (and regulatory) expectations.

Corn oil separation system

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Third COSS Module Adds $1.2M in DCO Annually


Adding a third Corn Oil Separation System (COSS-SL) module helps Midwestern ethanol producer generate $1.2M annually and decrease additive costs by $300K.


Within weeks, the third COSS installation and integration was compatible and produced 24% more DCO (limited by feed fat feed tag requirements). In addition, a 70% reduction in chemical usage was achieved.

Fluid Purification Services

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Fluid Purification Services

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Clean Biofuels Can Compete if They’re Efficient

Trucent provides biodiesel and other biofuel processors with holistic production and remediation solutions. Whether it’s our custom emulsion-breaking chemistry, our unique centrifugation solutions, or our oil tracking program, the goals remain the same: cleaner fuels, less waste, and better margins.


Your Partner in Better Biofuels Production

Trucent can refurbish, repair, or reprogram your machines. Or we can set up new systems, training, and maintenance with DCO Plus, our oil tracking program (featint full-plant process analytics, data comparisons, and technical and implementation support). We provide a range of service levels, ready when you call.


Custom Outfitting for Biofuels

The right equipment and supplies ensure smooth operations. From the first emulsion breaker specifically for DCO extraction, to COSS SL syrup conditioners and high-speed disc stack centrifuge optimized for corn oil processing, in-plant recycling, and wastewater recovery. These comprehensive solutions reduce process chemistry, maximize capture, and increase revenue.