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Clean Fluid Filtration: The Key to Sustainability and Resilience

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We all want to say we’re ready for tomorrow’s challenge. But we can’t meet these challenges—new safety concerns, shifting environmental regulations, an aging pool of skilled labor—if we aren’t confident we have the fundamentals right.

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We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach to metalworking, part fabrication, and heavy equipment production. We’ve spent decades building teams that understand fluid filtration technology, the fundamental chemistry governing fluid separation, and the operations and processes that rely on that technology. They don’t specialize in one approach but instead bring with them profound experience with the full range of tools: non-disposable media filtration, magnetic separators, coalescers, centrifuges, decanters, and more.

Our team will work with you to fully understand any inefficiencies or failure mechanisms infiltrating your processes. Together, we’ll find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the right application. That might mean adjusting what you have in place, bringing in a mobile filtration vehicle, temporarily installing a skid-mounted module, sourcing and installing the right piece of equipment, or designing a new multi-stage custom filtration solution. Whatever it takes.

If you already have a centrifuge in place, we can help you get more out of it. Trucent Centrifuge Parts and Repair will refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models of disc stack centrifuges. We can train your team, supply parts and maintenance, and offer different service packages to meet various demands.

Powertrain Plant Reduces Monthly Oil Spend

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Powertrain Plant Reduces Monthly Oil Spend by $18,000


Plant determines that by utilizing the capabilities and convenience of a portable skid, they could reduce cost and improve their operation efficiency.


This solution allowed the plant to cut oil spend costs by 50% monthly while reducing their environmental spend by keeping everything on-site.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

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Fluid Purification Services

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Fluid Purification Services

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A Wide Range of Fluid Filtration Solutions

Trucent provides comprehensive filtration solutions for heavy equipment manufacturers. We can help you maintain your existing centrifuge—or design an entirely new solution. We can install one piece of equipment—or an entire team to manage it for you on a daily basis.


Repair, Rent, Replace: Your Best Service Level

Trucent’s team can help get more from your existing equipment: we refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models. We can send mobile units, lease temporary skid-mounted equipment, or get new machines and processes online. We offer service contracts and can have consultants on-site to suit.


The Right Equipment Makes All the Difference

The right centrifuges, separation technologies, and fluids help you improve quality, reduce waste, and meet the demand for cleaner, more sustainably built products.