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The main goal of an ethanol plant is to produce high-quality ethyl alcohol that is used as a biofuel additive to gasoline. Traditionally, in a corn ethanol plant, the only coproduct of this process was dried distiller’s grains (DDGs) that are used for livestock and poultry feed. However, in 2010, the industry was made aware that there was another profitable coproduct in the process that they were missing: corn oil.

Corn distiller’s oil, to be exact. Ethanol plants found that if they could simply extract the oil from their current process, they could produce a third revenue stream. This is where Trucent comes in. We believe that this coproduct is the key for ethanol plants to overcome the ebbs and flows of the market and create a sustainable future. We have technology, service, and consulting programs that help ethanol plants maximize their corn oil extraction efficiency.