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Ascent™ Emulsion Breaker


Ascent™ completes the third pillar of our purposefully designed corn oil extraction portfolio. We now have the capability to serve our customers with mechanical, service, and chemical-based offerings.

With 20 years of experience in designing corn oil extraction technology, Trucent has partnered with Croda to develop an emulsion breaker chemistry, purposefully designed to break emulsions of Distillers’ Corn Oil (DCO) at dry grind ethanol plants.

How Does it Work?

Emulsions breakers, also known as demulsifiers, all share a similar goal to break an emulsion by separating water and oil components. Demonstrated in the image below, on the left, the oil droplets are all quite scattered. As the chemical is dosed, it penetrates the emulsion stability and the oil droplets begin to flocculate and coalesce to form larger droplet sizes. Larger corn oil droplets are easier to separate and capture via centrifugation.

Figure 1. The Emulsion Breaking Process

What Makes Ascent™ Different?

The Ascent™ emulsion breaker was designed with the sole purpose of breaking the oil emulsions that have formed in the water phase. This demulsifier has more surface area that binds droplets together, breaking emulsions, and causing coalescence. On the graph below, you can see that plants are able to add less than half the amount of demulsifier into their syrup to recover the same or more amount of corn oil.

Figure 2. Demulsifier Dosage Rate Comparison (Polysorbate vs. Ascent™)

Figure 3. Corn Oil Yield Comparison (Polysorbate vs. Ascent™)


In addition to the performance benefits, this emulsion breaker can be partnered with the Trucent Oil Tracking program. This program focuses on measuring the efficiency of your corn oil extraction units by putting the responsibility in our hands. We track syrup quality weekly, report out on what factors are affecting your process, and monitor and evaluate any corn oil production changes.

This patented emulsion breaker is made from ethanol, produced from plants across the US. The development of the chemistry is a result of a collaboration that combines the performance chemical expertise of Croda and the analytical know-how of oil separation and screening tools of Trucent.

Partnering with Croda International’s expertise in eco-based surfactants, Trucent has built an emulsion breaker specifically for capturing the maximum amount of corn oil in ethanol plants. Ascent allows ethanol plants to reduce the amount of chemistry needed in their process by at least 40% by increasing oil droplet size above the average size seen with incumbent polysorbate chemistry, as seen in the figure above. On average, plants see an increase in corn oil value of $300,000.

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