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Fluid Separation and Extraction Systems

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The right filtration equipment, centrifuges, magnetic separators, fluids, and supplies will radically improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase reliability—ensuring you have a solid foundation for growth and expansion.

Equipping You to Meet New and Unforeseen Challenges

Industrial and agricultural processors, producers, and manufacturers face increasing (and increasingly unpredictable) challenges: expanded regulatory scrutiny, volatile markets, economic uncertainty, narrower margins, unstable supply chains, and a shifting workforce. The right filtration, purification, or fluid recovery systems can make all the difference: Reducing consumption of process chemistry and fluids, maximizing capture, minimizing equipment wear, increasing revenue, and ensuring quality.

But you need the right equipment to build the right solutions. Ideally, every link in your tool chain is low-maintenance and high-yield, increasing the efficiency of your operations while protecting quality.

Trucent focuses exclusively on supplying, sourcing, managing, and maintaining the most reliable and cost-effective chemistry, separators, high-speed disc stack centrifuges, and other equipment and supplies.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to explore which options are right for your applications. Let’s figure out how you can avoid unscheduled downtime, soaring costs, and environmental harms while improving efficiency and protecting your bottom line.


Industrial Fluid Separation Products and Supplies

Narrow margins and tight deadlines give even minor hiccups the potential to become critical problems. Trucent can program, repair, and maintain any make/model of industrial filtration and fluid separation equipment. We can bring in temporary skid-mounted modules, or create a new permanent custom filtration and separation solution.


Technology Optimized for Agricultural Operations

The right equipment and supplies ensure smooth operations. We offer green chemistry for DCO extraction, custom syrup conditioners, high-speed disc stack centrifuges, custom in-plant reclamation/recycling systems, wastewater recovery solutions, and more.

Food & Beverage

Fluid Separation Products and Supplies

Trucent furnishes and services centrifuges and other filtration technology throughout the food and beverage market: brewers, food processors, dairy farms,  distillers, coffee & tea suppliers, juice makers, and more. We maintain and program all makes/models and can outfit you with a new system optimized to meet your demands.

“Every time we need something at our site, service or equipment, Trucent always delivers whether it’s a normal checkup or an emergency. I’ve worked with multiple personnel from Trucent over the years, and their customer service is exceptional.”

Program Manager, Current Customer