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Turbine Oil Filtration & Purification

Turbine Oil Purification

Utilities Have Special Lube Oil and Industrial Filtration Needs

Poorly maintained turbine oil translates to millions of dollars in lost production each week. And the losses don’t stop there. In the absence of adequately specced and maintained filtration systems, you’ll be saddled with high wastewater handling, virgin oil, and lube costs—not to mention the increased environmental costs that come with reduced efficiency.

While each engine or generation system—gas turbine, steam turbine, hydro turbine, etc.—has its unique pain points, a few fundamentals always apply. Turbine oil life is primarily determined by “oxidation stability”—the oil’s natural tendency to break down over time. Heat, water, aeration, and particle contamination all work to accelerate this breakdown. Meanwhile, oil additives like antioxidants, rust inhibitors, and the like resist these forces, increasing the turbine stability and extending service life. The challenge comes in keeping all of these forces balanced over the long haul.

Industrial Fluid Management Services Saves Money

Cradle-to-Grave Turbine Oil Solutions and Services

Virgin turbine oil is a special concern. Gas and steam turbines rely on it. In many cases, this high-end virgin oil must stay locked into a closed-loop system for decades. As it travels from ship to truck to tank on its way from the refinery to the turbine, it invariably picks up particles and contamination. Without careful filtration, all of that will go directly into the system, dragging down production from day one. In these situations, Trucent teams and solutions consistently return turbine oil to virgin spec—or better. 

Our process is straight forward:

First, we work with you to agree on a specification for your fluid’s particulate contaminants, water removal, and additives. Typically, these specifications are based on SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), or ISO (International Standards organization) classifications. They might include viscosity, additives such as rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents, extreme pressure, etc.

Next, we develop a strategy with you to segregate and collect different contaminated oil types on an ongoing basis to prevent cross-contamination. Based on the standard life of your oils or continuous laboratory testing, we create a purification schedule. Our filtration and purification process allows us to maintain your turbine oils at your desired ISO cleanliness code and guarantees the lowest water content in the industry. We’ll also analyze your oil and return it to its original OEM state through an additization process. (This analysis is necessary, especially if heat and water cause oxidation of your oil.)

Finally, we issue a report that documents the results before returning the turbine oil to your system for reuse (upon your approval).

Dirty oil and clean oil

Using the Right Tool to do the Right Job

We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach to turbine oil filtration. We bring together people who understand equipment, people who understand fluid separation at a fundamental level, and people who understand the unique demands of turbine oil purification. That team will work with you to find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the right application.

And we can go further than anyone else. We can install a team in your plant to run and manage all your fluids and filter technology on a daily basis. Your in-house Trucent team will handle fluid buying then monitor and maintain those fluids at appropriate levels and concentrations for your applications. When they’re spent, we dispose of the fluid with minimal negative impact to your business and our world.

No one else offers this level of comprehensive turbine oil service.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to begin that conversation or schedule an on-site no-obligation consultation. Let’s find a better way to clean up and extend your fluids.


Comprehensive Purification and Filtration Solutions & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive solutions to your fluid filtration challenges. We can help you maintain your existing centrifuge and other filter equipment—or design an entirely new reliable contamination removal solution. We can install one piece of equipment or install a team to manage your entire filter solution on a daily basis. The goals remain the same: Cleaner fluid, longer equipment life, greater efficiency, and less waste.

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Metalworking Fluid Purification and Reclaimation

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Metalworking Reclaim Saves $400,000 Annually


A transmission component supplier had dozens of independent machine tools, each with its own sump. Their existing filtration system was unable to maintain appropriate purity specs, forcing them to frequently “top off” their metalworking fluids. This approach overwhelmed the sumps, sending perfectly good metalworking fluid down the drain. 


A Trucent team introduced a new approach to fluid management that included reengineering the customer’s centralized purification system. This approach reduced their coolant concentrate usage by 60%. Consequently, the customer documented decreases in waste treatment costs and water usage. In just four months they saved $30,000 in tooling costs.

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