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Oil Reclamation Systems

When you’re running at or beyond capacity, downtime is a constant threat. Our mobile oil purification trucks can come to you for emergency service or as part of a comprehensive plan for in-line service or scheduled downtime. All the benefits of a custom filtration solution, without adding more work for a team that’s already stretched thin, or taking up floor space you don’t have to spare.

Mobile oil purification truckThat said, we don’t bring any assumptions when we come to your facility. At Trucent, we know that every solution begins with a conversation—because you are the expert in your business. When our engineers bring one of our oil trucks to your site, they walk your process, sampling fluids at every critical stage. They then analyze these samples in our onboard mobile lab, looking for invisible or imminent problems, and sharing what they discover so that you can make the best choices for your plant.

Mobile Oil Reclamation Systems Prevent Fluid Failure

By coming to you, Trucent’s mobile oil reclamation fleet removes some of the pressure from your workday. You won’t need to make room or find time to handle batch-by-batch processing or long-term fluid hauling, storage, filtration, and purification.

Our pigtailed or generator-powered trucks are self-sufficient, with stand-alone labs. They average 8–12 GPM throughput, with 330- or 660-gallons holding capacities, and 60–100 kW oil heating capabilities. We can complete oil, water, and solids analysis and certify that your fluids meet or exceed moisture and ISO requirements before sending them back into your plant. All trucks include both onboard and off-truck spill containment for totes.

Our process is straight forward:

First, we work with you to agree on a specification for your fluid’s particulate contaminants, water removal, and additives. Typically, these specifications are based on SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), or ISO (International Standards organization) classifications. They might include viscosity, additives such as rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents, extreme pressure, etc. Then we develop a strategy with you to segregate and collect different contaminated oil types on an ongoing basis, to prevent cross-contamination. Based on the standard life of your oils or continuous laboratory testing, we create a purification schedule. 

Dirty oil and clean oil

Removing contaminants improves fluid performance significantly, lowers costs, and prevents or brings you back from an emergency shutdown. A reliable oil reclamation plan will help enhance your product quality, reduce purchase and disposal costs, and make your systems and products more reliable. Taking advantage of our mobile oil reclamation systems brings all the benefits without adding any new equipment (or liability) to your facility.

Our Attention to Process Yields the Best Solutions

At Trucent, we don’t drop off a piece of equipment. We apply a process-oriented approach to filtration and separation. Our teams comprise equipment experts, industry experts, process experts, and experts in the underlying chemistry and physics of fluid filtration and separation. Our knowledge of fluid separation and non-disposable media filtration, oil-based fluids, and plant process optimization—mixed with your knowledge of your day-to-day operations—help us work together to solve your oil reclamation needs. No one else offers services this flexible and comprehensive.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to get one started.


Bring Comprehensive Oil Reclamation Systems On-Site Without Disrupting Your Plant Floor

Trucent provides the most comprehensive oil reclamation systems, whether installing a piece of equipment or bringing our all-in-one, self-sufficient mobile oil purification trucks to your site. Our goals for you are always the same: reducing or eliminating hauling liability, downtime, and emergency services, while remediating contamination in your oil- and water-based fluids.

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Mobile Oil Purification Truck for On Location Oil Management

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Transmission Plant Saved by Mobile Oil Purification Service


Many of the problems associated with dirty or contaminated oil can be solved through onsite centrifugal purification to purify oil. This technology can positively impact production, quality, costs, waste disposal, and environmental issues.


In this case, the emergency oil remediation service saved $17,300 in oil costs, reduced downtime and saved tooling and allowed for continued production.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

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