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Fluid filtration is one of the more basic yet crucial operations in every production facility that used process fluids. Without having an effective filtration system, several different classes of problems will arise due to contamination; the class of problem depends on the application and the size and characteristics of the contaminants. Whether those problems manifest in quality issues with your end product, a decrease in the life of the tools used to manufacture that product, or an unhealthy operator environment, it pays off to make sure you have good filtration systems in place.


How does it work? 

There are several types of filtration methods and equipment used to filter, or remove, undesired material out of valuable fluids. The liquid can be water, oil, solvent, or solutions. When separating a liquid from a solid, or a liquid from liquid and solid material, the most fundamental aspect in play is the relative motion of the liquids and the solids. In addition to their relative motion, each component has a specific size and set of characteristics. The size and characteristics determine which system should be used for effective filtration.

By effectively removing suspended solid particles from your process fluids you can eliminate, or significantly reduce, the amount of wear and tear on your machine tools. This process of contaminant removal also lengthens the life of your industrial fluids, meaning that you reduce the frequency of purchasing virgin fluid, a significant cost reduction in most cases.

What can this be used for?

Trucent has spent the last two decades honing the technical and analytical toolbox needed to exceed our customers’ fluid filtration needs. Over the years, we have seen a vast array of issues arising from poor filtration in a wide variety of industries.