Fluid Separation Technology by Trucent

Trucent Explores Labor-Saving Improvements to Glass Grinding at GlassBuild America (Las Vegas, Oct 18–20, Booth #3065)

Glass Build America

Trucent’s centrifuge filtration experts are returning to GlassBuild America this year (Oct 18–20 in Las Vegas), eager to discuss how new filtration approaches can protect your bottom line.

In 2022, three industry challenges are bound to dominate these conversations:

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways for glass manufacturers to address these challenges. But in almost every case, finding a better way to protect your process fluid will help you address all three.

Advanced Fluid Filtration Results—Without the Babysitting 

“Fluid is the one element that touches every part,” explains Jeff Justak, North American Sales Manager for Trucent. “A certain grinding line may not touch this or that specific piece of glass, but your fluid is always there. Properly filtering that fluid and delivering cleaner fluid at the right flow and pressure makes a huge difference.” Being able to better control and protect your fluid will consistently decrease rejects, lower maintenance and labor costs, reduce tool wear, and minimize downtime.

“There are plenty of ways to filter fluid,” Justak adds. “But most of these are still quite labor and resource intensive.” In days of rampant labor shortages and supply chain snarls, that’s counterproductive. That’s why more and more glass manufacturers are shifting to more advanced fluid filtration solutions, like Trucent’s CentraSep S-series glass packages. These are designed for a swift return on investment and environmental sustainability, continually removing impurities from process fluid without constant operator intervention or “babysitting.”

“I’ve been doing this for more than a decade,” Justak explains. “Right now, we have over 300 glass installations in 18 countries around the world and Trucent has  never made a sales call outside of North America. That means that we’ve sold these units to glass facilities we have  never set a foot in. Why would somebody ship a centrifuge to Brazil, Poland, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam or Finland sight unseen, unless they already knew by reputation that Trucent’s CentraSep S Series is the most reliable, durable, and efficient glass filtration system available?”

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Have to Stay in Vegas

Trucent’s team is eager to share their experience and expertise in using separation technology in glass grinding. Do you have specific questions about how centrifugal filtration can improve your glass grinding line? Or are you interested in learning how to lower labor costs, improve operations, and decrease rejects? Stop in to chat at Booth #3065. 

Can’t make it to Vegas this year, but still need a better way to protect your glass manufacturing business? Give Trucent a call today.