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Trucent Establishes the Centrifuge Parts and Repair Company

Trucent Centrifuge Repair Services

Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) was established as a company in 2019, as a wholly-owned company of Trucent Inc., who has been serving the industry for 30 years with disc stack centrifuges. The CPR staff also has specific knowledge in centrifuge parts and repair, representing almost 100 years of combined experience. Forming the company has enabled Trucent to market this expertise and continued customer support that is unparalleled in this business. We are truly a one-stop provider of expertise, support, parts, and knowledgeable field service staff for ALL makes of high-speed disc centrifuges, including Alfa-Laval, Westphalia (GEA), SPX / Seital, and Tetra Pak. This new Trucent company will also be responsible for maintaining the hundreds of centrifuge systems the company has installed in the oil and gas industry and elsewhere. CPR services include complete machine rebuilds, bowl balancing, repairs, and more, using both OEM and Aftermarket parts, accessories, and supplies. Centrifuge Parts and Repair is an important new company for Trucent.

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