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In flat-glass fabrication, more so than any other factor, dirty fluid hurts your production efficiency. As Jeff Justak is quick to point out, “Your fluid is the one element that touches every product. A certain grinding line may not touch this or that specific piece of glass, but your fluid is always there. Properly filtering that fluid and delivering cleaner fluid at the right flow and pressure is critical to an operation.”

Jeff is Director of Sales for the CentraSep S-Series–a company which has, over the last 30 years, set the “gold standard” for liquid/solid separation in dozens of industrial applications around the world and was recently purchased by Trucent. Over and over again, Jeff has seen the massive potential proper fluid management has to make–or break–a glass fabricator.

Nonetheless, many glass grinders still rely on settling tanks to separate swarf from their fluids. Even those who have made the jump to better filtration systems still aren’t necessarily seeing all of the benefits–and savings–they could. That’s a shame.

“The fluid in a company’s grinding process is the lifeblood of your process,” Jeff explains. “The better the fluid, the cleaner the process, the cleaner the machine, the cleaner the tools–it all adds up to more consistent results with fewer rejects.”

High-Performance Glass-Grinding Fluid Filtration

In general, a centrifuge-based fluid filtration solution will outperform other options. Settling tanks eat up a great deal of floor space and are slow. On top of that, they demand chemistry that is a struggle to keep balanced under real-world conditions. Cartridge-type filters, indexing paper, and filter presses outperform settling tanks, but generate a great deal of extra maintenance labor, and increase your overall waste stream. A centrifuge tends to be lower maintenance than any of these, with no disposable media that requires monitoring and replacement.

However, any piece of equipment is just that–a piece of equipment. It needs maintenance and monitoring. Very few industrial manufacturers are looking for one more piece of equipment in need of attention.

Trucent has gone out of their way to craft a very, very boring centrifuge; no drama, no sudden break-downs, no need for lots of loving attention. It’s simple, efficient, and ease-of-use. Minimal maintenance, with maximum adjustability, so that each fabricator can dial into the sweet spot for their operation.

More importantly, Trucent supports every installation with a fluid management program. “Fluid management packages are vital to a process,” Jeff notes. “You could buy a million-dollar system, but with poor fluid management, that million-dollar system won’t see the solids, and won’t do your process any good.”

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