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Ethanol Corn Oil Separation

Too many ethanol plants are extracting just a fraction of their available corn oil. We want to help you get more. So we’ve expanded our proprietary emulsion breaking chemistry, our process analytics, and our centrifuge offerings with that specific goal in mind: best-in-class DCO recovery and extraction.

Extract More Corn Oil with COSS-SL

Trucent’s COSS-SL is a centrifugal separator designed to achieve high-efficiency removal of corn oil from stillage or syrup. It produces high-centrifugal acceleration for the recovery of free corn oil without any negative side effects to the ethanol or DDG production process.

The syrup enters the centrifuge bowl and is distributed within a vertical disc stack, which increases the surface area of separation and, therefore, efficiency. The disc’s thickness, spacing, and angle; the location of the rising channels; and the number of discs in the COSS-SL disc stack were all designed specifically for DCO extraction.

Corn Oil Separation Skid COSS

With over 70 installations, Trucent’s COSS technology has proven its extraction efficiency and reliability. Building upon previous successes and our understanding of separation science, we have continued to evolve the COSS system to respond to changes in ethanol plant technology. The COSS-SL utilizes a skid-mounted disc stack centrifuge at its core and performs the industry’s most efficient mechanical extraction of DCO from stillage.

We Learn Before We Leap

At Trucent, we’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach. We’ve spent decades building a team composed of more than equipment experts and engineers. We bring together people who understand centrifuges and separators and people who understand fluid separation at a fundamental level, in addition to being familiar with your fluids, processes, and industry. We’ll work together with you to match the right solution to your ethanol and corn oil centrifugation needs.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to start a conversation or schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation.


Maximize Corn Oil Recovery with Comprehensive Trucent Solutions

Trucent delivers the most comprehensive centrifugal corn oil extraction and ethanol separation solutions on the market. We can help you improve the results you get from your existing corn oil extraction machine—or we can design an entirely new solution. We can install one centrifuge—or an entire team. The goals remain the same: Higher quality, increased yield, lower costs, less chemistry, and enduring efficiency.

COSS-SL Corn Oil Centrifuge Information
Corn oil separation system

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Third COSS Module Adds $1.2M in DCO Annually


Adding a third Corn Oil Separation System (COSS-SL) module helps Midwestern ethanol producer generate $1.2M annually and decrease additive costs by $300K.


Within weeks, the third COSS installation and integration was compatible and produced 24% more DCO (limited by feed fat feed tag requirements). In addition, a 70% reduction in chemical usage was achieved.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

Engineering Manager, Current Customer