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Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Food & Beverage Wastewater Processing

Industrial Wastewater Purification

Food and beverage processors generally use large volumes of water—and thus produce large volumes of wastewater, often with high organic-strength or pollutant loads. There are innumerable filtration, purification, and dewatering strategies for handling that wastewater. Each has its strengths—as well as notable weaknesses (especially when dealing with variable flow and solids content). A solution that efficiently captures contaminants and dewaters effluent today may seem to abruptly stop performing tomorrow. As a result, many successful food and beverage processors suddenly discover that what was a minor detail yesterday has erupted into a major problem.

What these processors and producers need are flexible, cost-effective solutions—and a strategy for monitoring those solutions and making adjustments before they tip into failures.

Fluid Management Service for Industrial Fluids

Trucent’s wastewater purification technologies and services can significantly lower your wastewater cost and burden. On-site wastewater treatment can save money and help your facility remain environmentally compliant. Removing the contaminants means lower wastewater processing costs, increased sustainability via reuse of treated water, and increased safe disposal of water into the municipal water treatment system. No more risk of surprise bills or fines as your production grows and the local wastewater facility suddenly realizes that your business is straining its resources.

But good wastewater handling isn’t just about removing contaminants. By efficiently dewatering your waste, you can unlock revenue streams, either capturing more coproducts, or discovering a new viable coproduct you can bring to market.

A Process-Oriented Approach to Wastewater

We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach. This has meant spending decades investing in diverse teams: experts in non-disposable media filtration, centrifuges, decanters, wastewater treatment and handling, and the fundamentals of fluid separation. 

Our team works with your team, finding the right interventions, using the right technology, and then matching it to the right application in order to arrive at a cost-effective solution that reaches your goals.

Finding that solution begins with a conversation, so that we understand the intricacies of your unique challenge. A Trucent engineer can then schedule a free on-site visit to walk your entire process. Working through your system, sampling fluids at every important stage, that engineer has an opportunity to zero in on problem areas and opportunities. Those fluid samples are taken back to our labs for off-site analysis and solution design. Every Trucent wastewater and dewatering solution is pilot tested in our labs. If necessary, that solution will then be trialed on-site for as long as it takes to be sure you’re getting results.

And we can go one step further. We can maintain an ongoing service and consultation relationship, helping your team find new opportunities, and address new challenges as they arise. 

No one else can offer this level of comprehensive service for food and beverage wastewater treatment.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to begin that conversation or schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation.


Wastewater Treatment Systems, Solutions, & Services

Proper wastewater handling will significantly improve your bottom line—either through reduced costs or enhanced coproduct recovery. We can help you with your existing centrifuge—or design an entirely new wastewater solution. We can install one piece of equipment or join your team for long-term support. The goal remains the same: effective, efficient, trouble-free wastewater handling.

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