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Dissolved Gas Management for Winemakers

Wine Centrifuge Clarification

Membrane-based dissolved gas management solutions have opened up new frontiers for winemakers, allowing for unprecedented control of the entire aesthetic experience that your wine offers. The latest gas management systems are non-invasive, and don’t call for stripping, heating, or the introduction of inert gasses into your wine. 

Trucent’s exclusive TruSense gas management system makes it possible to truly manage the dissolved gas in your wine. You can precisely tune your wine’s aroma, flavor, and body feel without additional additives (such as sweeping gas). The TruSense offers one-step dissolved-gas management, removing most oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and acetaldehyde in a single pass. With our tools (like purpose-built wine centrifuges) and service track record, Trucent is ready to help winemakers take their production process further than ever before.  

TruSense: A Complete Dissolved Gas Management Solution

The TruSense gas management system regularly reduces oxygen concentrations by more than 95%, preserving the wine’s unique aroma and flavors while ensuring a longer shelf life. If desired, the TruSense can remove over 70% of the initial carbon dioxide during that same pass, while completely eliminating all free hydrogen sulfide and acetaldehyde. This improves the wine’s mouthfeel, intensifies aromas, and eliminates bitter and other “off” flavors. This level of CO2 reduction is also extremely important for winemakers who use “Bag-in-box” and TetraPak packaging. The TruSense can also be operated to remove oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and acetaldehyde, but precisely control the amount of CO2 in the finished wine. This allows for precise control over white and rose’ wine mouthfeel. 

But TruSense isn’t simply a gas removal solution. It can also add carbon dioxide back into your wine. This membrane system is built to work at up to 9.2 bar, and can increase dissolved CO2 up to 200%. Because TruSense achieves full CO2 solubilization, you get precise control over carbonation level and mouth feel: smaller bubbles for a crisper sparkling wine or a fresher Prosecco-like body. And with no residence time required, you can instantly taste the results and see the benefits.

With advanced control over the many dimensions of the flavor and aroma—based solely on gas management—you can reduce inputs at other parts of the process.  In contrast to sweeping gas, the TruSense system is fast, selective, and protects your wine’s aromas. Because it can operate at lower temperatures (even below 0ºC), there is no risk of heat damage. And TruSense can be installed inline, as a continuous process, deployed as a tank-to-tank solution, or implemented in a single circulating tank.

The TruSense was developed with Vinext, an Italian company with 20-years experience in wine production. This technology arose from an in-depth collaboration with winemakers from some of the world’s greatest vineyards. In just the last few years more than 150 TruSense
systems have been installed in European wineries alone.

Expert Teams, Ongoing Support

Trucent’s service is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

A process-oriented approach to customer service has been the backbone of Trucent’s business for decades. Our teams bring together experts in equipment, the fundamentals of fluid separation, and the intricacies of winery operations. 

That team will meet you where you are: We can help you get more out of your existing wine clarification solution, or work with you to create the process that will meet your goals and serve you well into the future. Our team will get you up and running, train your team, and offer ongoing guidance, maintenance, and service packages.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to start that conversation and find a better way to clarify your wine and must, and protect the unique experience in every glass.

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“We put a phone call in, met Chris, and the rest, as they say, was history.”

Kevin Sibbett, Yuengling Brewing Manager