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Beyond the unpredictable dips and dives of the economy, food and beverage producers also face rapid changes in consumer preferences and tastes, ever-shifting medical opinions on what’s “good for you,” increasingly rigorous safety and purity standards, and stiff competition at all sides. Everyone is under enormous pressure to get as much as they can from their inputs—grapes, juice, corn, livestock, processing—while continually containing costs, improving accuracy, reducing process times. 

To rise to these challenges, you need the most reliable possible filtration and separation solutions. The global leaders in food and beverage rely on custom clarification and separation systems to capture particulates that would otherwise speed up spoilage or damage product quality and consistency.

We can help you harness the latest high-performance, high-speed centrifugal disc separators and ultrafiltration modules. This will radically improve your process’s consistency, cleanliness, and efficiency—reducing waste and expanding your processing capacity without sacrificing quality.

Working with You to Find the Best Solution

Industrial centrifuge suppliers often try to solve your problems before they’ve taken the time to understand them fully. By skipping the conversation and rushing to the solution, they miss opportunities to learn valuable (even critical) information.

At Trucent, we believe that every solution begins with a conversation. Our engineers come out to your site—at no cost and with no obligation—and walk your entire process with you. They sample fluids at every critical stage and learn about it from you—because you’re the expert when it comes to your day-to-day challenges.

Fluid Purification for Industrial Ask an Expert

After we’ve learned as much as possible from talking to you and walking your process, we learn as much as we can in our lab, using those fluid samples to track down sources of existing or imminent dysfunction. We’ll share what we learn so that you have all the information you need to make the best choices for your plant. Not only can we help you determine where things may have gone wrong, but we can also design workflows, combinations of industrial centrifuges, and other filtration, or find other ways to help everything go right from the start. 

We’ll never rush to sell you a “general purpose” solution.  In some applications, a purpose-built food and beverage centrifuge can increase production by 30 to 50 percent. About a quarter of that is simply a matter of reclaiming material bound up in the sediments. The rest comes from decreasing batch time: The right centrifuge system can hasten a process by days or weeks without increasing your facility’s footprint.  

CentraSep centrifuge systems consistently improve product quality, reduce costs, and are reliable enough to keep your food and beverage products as clean and safe as your customers—and regulations—demand. 

Trucent CentraSep Centrifuges: Reliable Robust Liquid-Liquid/Liquid-Solid Separation

To ensure reliability and performance, we’ve re-engineered our centrifuges to address the challenges our customers face directly and the functionality they need most. 

The resulting CentraSep D Series of disc stack centrifuges requires little operator intervention and can dynamically switch between three-phase and two-phase operation. You can adjust the arrangement, angle, spacing, and shape of the disc stack for enhanced control of the zone of separation. This makes it possible to accurately control how materials are separated and dynamically adjust to liquid flow changes and composition changes. 

CentraSep DB Series centrifugeThe CentraSep DX Series can handle challenging three-phase separations with 70 percent efficiency (or better) on a single pass. When you find yourself running a simpler liquid-solid separation, you can quickly switch to a two-phase operation and bump up to nearly 90 percent efficiency on a single pass.

The CentraSep DB Series disc stack centrifuges are optimized for beverage handling and can separate two liquids while extracting suspended solids as small as five microns. Thanks to their mechanical hermetic design, they have the lowest dissolved oxygen pickup on the market (usually zero ppb, always less than ten ppb), with no need for deoxygenated water or inert gas to charge the centrifuge. It comes in 10 model sizes, each ready to be tailor-fitted to your beverage production process.

CentraSep S-126 centrifuge

If you’re dealing with larger solids in your waste stream, the CentraSep S Series can help. These vertical liquid-solid centrifuges require little operator intervention and take up far less space than typical settling tanks. A CentraSep S automatically extracts particulate at rates from two to 135 gallons per minute (four times better than traditional two-speed purification). With a durable single-motor vertical design and all 316 stainless steel construction, a CentraSep S can safely process high volumes of acidic liquids with only standard maintenance.

Attention to Process Yields the Best Solutions 

Service has been the backbone of Trucent’s business for decades. But that’s not limited to our equipment. Trucent Centrifuge Parts and Repair can refurbish, repair, maintain, program and supply parts for all makes and models disc stack centrifuges. We provide warrantied remanufactured centrifuge equipment, OEM, and aftermarket parts, as well as centrifuge rentals.

Even though we design and sell great centrifugation systems—including, but not limited to, the CentraSep Series—we aren’t focused on equipment. We’re focused on solutions and dedicated to a proven process-oriented approach to solving problems. We’ve spent decades building teams of people with incredibly diverse skill sets and areas of expertise. Our teams include equipment experts and bring in industry experts, process experts, and experts in the underlying chemistry and physics of fluid filtration and separation. Their deep understanding of fluids, filtration/separation, and plant process optimization—along with your knowledge of the day-to-day operations—inform how we go about finding the right intervention, using the right technology, and matching it to the proper application. No one else offers service that’s this detailed or comprehensive.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Let’s start that conversation today.


Comprehensive Industrial Centrifuge Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Trucent provides comprehensive centrifugation solutions for food and beverage processing. We can install a single piece of equipment or design and build a complete centrifuge system based on your needs, spec, and objectives. Our goals for you are always the same: optimal reliability, highest quality, verifiable food safety, and a healthy bottom line.

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