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Automotive Powertrain Engine Assembly Fluid

Clean fluid is the lifeblood of automotive manufacturing. If you can’t stay on top of particulates and contamination, you’re continuously in danger of unscheduled downtime, increased rejection rates—and soaring losses. The solution begins with better filtration and purification.

Stop Surviving, Start Thriving

Coatings, tramp oil, chips, fines, swarf—fabricating transmissions, powertrains, engine blocks, wheel axles, and heavy truck components will make a mess of your fluids and lubricants. In the absence of a systemic solution, more significant problems loom in the shadows ahead. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach to industrial automotive production and wastewater filtration. We’ve spent decades building teams (here in Michigan, and around the world) who understand filtration, its fundamental chemistry and physics, the technology and techniques you rely on, and the best ways we can work with you to keep all of that running smoothly. Our teams bring together decades of experience with a vast set of filtration and purification tools: non-disposable media filtration, magnetic separators, coalescers, centrifuges, decanters, and more. 

Your Trucent team will work with you to track down any inefficiency stifling your processes, find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the right task. If you have centrifugation systems in place, we can help you get more out of them for longer. Trucent Centrifuge Parts and Repair will refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models of high-speed disc centrifuges. In the meantime, we can bring in mobile filtration vehicles or skid-mounted equipment, so your production won’t skip a beat. On-site, custom Trucent filtration and purification solutions can improve your efficiency up to tenfold.

Industrial Glass Grinding Fluid

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CentraSep S-126 Maximizes Profits for Glass Fabricators


The CentraSep S-126 centrifuge is built to handle whatever the glass industry can throw at it. Its filtering capabilities are unmatched and it will operate for years with very little maintenance or attention.


Fabricators using a CentraSep S-126 are seeing rapid returns on their investment (ROI) of as little as 3 – 18 months.

“Every time we need something at our site, service or equipment, Trucent always delivers whether it’s a normal checkup or an emergency. I’ve worked with multiple personnel from Trucent over the years, and their customer service is exceptional.”

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Fluid Purification Services

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Fluid Purification Services

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You Get What You Need

Trucent provides plants with the most comprehensive filtration solutions. Whether we provide a simple repair, a custom filtration system, or an entire on-site team, our focus is the same: longer tool life, longer fluid life, higher component quality, more efficient operations, less downtime, and a healthier bottom line.


Service on a Sliding Scale

Trucent’s team can get more from your existing equipment, troubleshoot your system—or design a totally new approach. We can help you choose the best equipment for your needs, get it running smoothly, and train your team. Equipment leases, centrifuge parts, and maintenance/service packages available.


Optimize Your Line to Keep Your Fluids Clean

The right centrifuges, metal separators, tools, fluids, and supplies can radically improve efficiency, reduce waste, and avoid losses.