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Industrial Fluid Separation Industries

At Trucent, we believe there is a better way to maximize resource use and profitability. A way that does good for our Earth and improves the quality of business operations. Our focus is to develop and provide reliable fluid separation technologies, services, and chemistry, while continuously innovating to find new solutions to your challenges.

Our Story

Our story began in 1997 when we discovered a better way to reclaim the oils and metalworking fluids used in automotive manufacturing. Why continue to dump thousands of hazardous fluid gallons each day when we could purify those fluids as contaminants creep in and keep them running at their intended performance level indefinitely?

As we continued to learn and grow as an organization, we found that many different manufacturing processes were suffering from inefficiencies caused by unwanted liquid or solid contamination. So we continued to ask ourselves if there was a better way. We developed solutions for industries from automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing to solar glass fabrication and aerospace.

Then we applied our technology, service capabilities, and expertise to coproduct development. We entered the biofuels industry by helping dry-grind corn ethanol producers realize the value of distillers corn oil. What was once a byproduct of their process, going to the back door in live-stock feed, was now the crux that would help plants weather the financial volatility that comes with producing renewable fuels.

As we grow and expand into new industries, our mission stays the same. To provide reliable fluid separation technologies, services, and chemistry to our customers.  We envision a world where environmental sustainability and successful business operations are one and the same.

Separation Technologies

Trucent Separation Technologies provides services and technologies to separate valuable components and purify active fluid assets. This division has groups dedicated to  Industrial, Bioprocess, and Food & Beverage market segments.

Centrifuge Parts
and Repair

Centrifuge Parts and Repair provides vital parts and repair services for the broader centrifuge industry. These services include complete machine rebuilds, bowl balancing, and repairs.

Renewable Chemicals

Trucent Renewable Chemicals is a premier supplier of whole cut and distilled fatty acids derived from vegetable oils. Our products are used to formulate a wide range of products, including personal care products, animal feed, surfactants, paints, coolants, and lubricants.

Our values drive us to be better, every single day.



We embody leadership in all we do. Innovation. Our level of service. Our desire to create better each day. Leadership is more than being the best option. It is about setting the industry example in all we do.

Challenge Driven

We love a challenge. We love to solve complex problems with graceful solutions. We love to use of resources and experience to transform negatives into positives. And waste into opportunity.


We were born from a simple idea: to do so much more with what already exists. To us, this isn’t just corporate speak. It is what we do. Recognizing that, if done well, it benefits everyone.

Customer Obsessed

Great service is not enough. We become an extension of our customers’ teams. We analyze possibilities. Every single day.

International Reach

With offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico, were able to cover all your fluid separation and clarification needs for North America. But we don’t stop there, we have multi-national customers from around the globe. Our team tackles the hard challenges on a global scale.