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Agricultural Processing

You want to guarantee quality, demonstrate corporate responsibility, and improve your margins. The right filtration solutions and services will consistently recover more usable material, reduce waste and downtime, and minimize environmental impacts.

Trucent Teams: Expert Guidance When You Need It

Trucent is dedicated to a process-oriented approach to agricultural processing. Our experts work with you to find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the right application.

We’ve spent decades building teams of more than just equipment experts and engineers. Our people know agricultural processing, and understand the fundamentals of separation and filtration. They’re breaking new ground with fundamental research and new applications. With pioneering new chemistry like Ascent™ Emulsion Breaker, processors are seeing higher yields at lower cost, with reduced risk to workers and the environment.

Trucent goes beyond just installing a solution or selling you equipment and supplies. We can furnish a dedicated team of on-site experts. They’ll handle centrifuge programming, monitoring, and maintenance on your schedule—annual, monthly, weekly, even daily. Your team will catch problems early and chase them to their source, saving you money while improving quality, assuring uptime, and reducing waste.

“Every time we need something at our site, service or equipment, Trucent always delivers whether it’s a normal checkup or an emergency. I’ve worked with multiple personnel from Trucent over the years, and their customer service is exceptional.”

Program Manager, Current Customer
Fluid Purification Services

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Comprehensive Agricultural Processing Solutions

Trucent’s filtration solutions are the market’s most comprehensive—and always the right size and scope. We can repair and reprogram your existing centrifuge, lease you a skid-mounted module, craft a custom new solution, or bring in your own dedicated team of fluid separation and purification technications to continually monitor your operations. 


Filtration Parts, Repair, and Consultation

Trucent’s Parts and Repair team can help get more from your existing centrifuges: we refurbish, repair, maintain, and program all makes and models. Or we can get new filtration systems up and running, train your team, and establish the right maintenance schedule.


Supporting Custom Filtration and Separation Solutions

Purpose-built filtration and separation systems increase efficiency and cleanliness to get the most out of your agricultural products, byproducts, and coproducts. With increased regulatory scrutiny, volatile markets, and narrower margins, the right filtration systems can make all the difference.