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Industrial Washer Fluid Purification

Industrial Washer Fluid Purification

Cleaner Washer Fluid is the Key to Part Quality

Process washers are one of the most critical elements in manufacturing operations. Cleaning parts before they move on to the next step is vital—but also a delicate balance. Wash fluid is continuously picking up chips, fines, dirt, and other contaminants. That doesn’t just compromise fluid performance—dirty washer fluid can quickly become the source of rejected parts, premature tool wear, misting, and a poor work environment.

Trucent can help you select and integrate the services and technologies you need to keep washer fluid contamination in check. We can find ways to minimize the ingress of way oil, tramp oil, fines, and particulate while removing failure mechanisms wherever they may creep into your operation.

Fluid Management Service for Industrial Fluids

Keeping Your Washer Fluid Clean and Flowing

We dedicate ourselves to a process-oriented approach to washer fluid purification and fluid management. This approach has meant investing decades in building teams with broad experience and expertise. Our team comprises people who know filtration and separation equipment, people with industry-specific knowledge, and researchers who’ve dedicated their lives to expanding our understanding of the fundamental chemistry and dynamics underlying fluid separation. That team will work with you to find the right intervention, use the right technology, and match it to the proper application.

And then we can go one step further than anyone else: We can match you with an on-site Trucent team who will manage all your fluids and filtration technology on a regular basis. This management includes, but isn’t limited to, handling fluid purchases, monitoring, maintaining appropriate levels and concentrations, and cost-effective disposal. They’ll pinpoint contaminants at their source and find ways to separate these from your flow as early as possible—the results: Top performance, every single day, hassle-free.

No one else offers this level of comprehensive washer fluid service.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to begin that conversation or schedule a no-obligation site visit and consultation.


Comprehensive Washer Fluid Filtration Products, Solutions & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive filtration solutions for your industrial washer fluid. We can help you maintain your existing system and filters—or design an entirely new contaminant removal solution. We can install one piece of equipment or an entire team to manage all your filtration technology daily. The goals remain the same: Cleaner fluid, longer tool life, higher quality parts, and lower costs.

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Metalworking Fluid Purification and Reclaimation

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Metalworking Reclaim Saves $400,000 Annually


A transmission component supplier had dozens of independent machine tools, each with its own sump. Their existing filtration system was unable to maintain appropriate purity specs, forcing them to frequently “top off” their metalworking fluids. This approach overwhelmed the sumps, sending perfectly good metalworking fluid down the drain. 


A Trucent team introduced a new approach to fluid management that included reengineering the customer’s centralized purification system. This approach reduced their coolant concentrate usage by 60%. Consequently, the customer documented decreases in waste treatment costs and water usage. In just four months they saved $30,000 in tooling costs.

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With the largest fleet of separation technology, advanced engineering, and chemistry capability across a wide array of industries and experienced operations personnel throughout North America, you can count on us when you need us most.

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