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You Can’t Prevent Oil Contamination—So Let’s Embrace Purification

In the absence of remediation, contaminants will always accumulate in your oil and process fluids. Water, fines, solid particles, stray lubes, and bacteria alter oil viscosity and chemistry, deteriorate your gear oil, cutting oil, honing oil, hydraulic fluids, and other lubricants. Over time, those contaminants and degraded oils will build up as “varnish” on the interior of your equipment. All of this steadily eats into your bottom line.

Honing Oil Cost ReductionOne solution is to drain and flush your fluids. Setting aside the cost of new oil and lost productivity, this may not even solve your problem. Assuming you clear 90% of the lube oil out of your gearboxes, sumps, and plumbing, the 10% left behind after oil flushing is often so contaminated that it immediately uses up most of the detergents/dispersants/dehazers, anti-wear, anti-foam, and corrosion inhibiting additives in your fresh oil.

Dumping and recharging is a blunt tool. It should be the last resort. There’s no reason to let fluids get so dirty. It’s just too costly.

A Deep Appreciation for Oil Filtration

Oil-based lubricants are significantly cheaper to purify and recycle than to purchase every time they degrade. To keep your oil performing as intended, Trucent develops custom and turn-key separation/purification solutions. These include permanent in-process installations, mobile in-plant skids, and mobile oil trucks that travel to your site to separate out contaminants, filter, and purify your oil. 

Our process is straight forward:

First, we work with you to agree on a specification for your fluid’s particulate contaminants, water removal, and additives. Typically, these specifications are based on SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), or ISO (International Standards organization) classifications. They might include viscosity, additives such as rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear agents, extreme pressure, etc.

Next, we develop a strategy with you to segregate and collect different contaminated oil types on an ongoing basis, to prevent cross-contamination. Based on the standard life of your oils or continuous laboratory testing, we create a purification schedule. Our filtration and purification process allows us to maintain your industrial oils at your desired ISO cleanliness code and guarantees the lowest water content in the industry. We’ll also analyze your oil and return it to its original OEM state through an additization process. (This analysis is necessary, especially if heat and water cause oxidation of your oil.)

Finally, we issue a report that documents the results, before returning the oil to your system for reuse (upon your approval).

Taking Industrial Oil Purification Further

And we can go further. Trucent can install a team in your plant, to run and manage your oil filtration technology on a daily basis. Your in-house Trucent team will handle fluid purchases, then monitor and maintain those fluids at appropriate levels and concentrations. When fluids are spent, we recycle or dispose of them with minimal negative impact to your business and our world.

No one else offers this level of comprehensive oil purification service.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to explore better ways to reclaim your oil and process fluids. If you’re ready, we can schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation now. Our engineers will walk your entire process, sample oil at every stage, and begin the process of making your oil filtration system as trouble-free as possible.


Comprehensive Oil Purification Systems, Solutions, & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive solutions to your industrial fluid purification challenges. We can help you maintain your existing equipment—or design an entirely new particulate removal solution. We can install one piece of equipment or install a whole team to manage all your filtration technology on a daily basis. The goals remain the same: Cleaner fluid, longer tool life, higher quality parts.

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Honing Oil Cost Reduction for Engine Manufacturer

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Engine Manufacturer Saves $45,000


A process error enabled 1,500 gallons of water to find its way to the 10,000-gallon central honing oil tank of an engine manufacturer.


The solution resulted in over $45,000 of savings in honing oil and cleanup and drying services. The customer also avoided 48 hours of shutdown, and the oil returned was cleaner and drier than the specified replacement.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

Engineering Manager, Current Customer
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Every solution begins with a conversation.

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