The Definitive TOFA Alternative

Using Trucent’s proprietary biocatalytic splitting technology,   TruFA™ surpasses TOFA with unique benefits such  as a low carbon footprint, plant-based seed oil sourcing,  and a resilient supply chain. By isolating seed and vegetable oil triglycerides into essential fatty acids — stearate,   oleate, and linoleate — TruFA exceeds industry standards. 

TruFA closely mirrors the attributes of TOFA, providing  a seamless transition for industries accustomed to the  properties of traditional tall oil fatty acids.  

Sustainability: Derived from over a dozen different seed  and vegetable oils, TruFA aligns with sustainable practices, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint.

Consistent Quality: Our advanced bioreactor design guarantees  the consistent production of high-quality fatty acids on an industrial scale, providing reliability in every batch.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Leveraging proximity to the American  vegetable and seed production heartland, TruFA ensures  shortened supply chain routes, minimizing lead times for incoming and outgoing deliveries.

trufa product graph
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