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The Right OEM and Aftermarket Centrifuge Parts at the Right Time

Centrifuge Parts

We do everything we can to make our centrifuges easy: they’re incredibly reliable, highly programmable, and serviceable in the field. But not all centrifuges are as reliable as ours—they need regular attention to stay safe and keep running at their best. We’re confident we can help you get more from your industrial centrifuge—regardless of make or model—and offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services, day or night. Our OEM and aftermarket parts offerings meet your industrial centrifuges’ emergent or planned maintenance needs. We make it a point of always having the right part at the right time.

Comprehensive Centrifuge Service and Parts

Service has been the backbone of Trucent’s business for decades. Trucent Centrifuge Parts and Repair will refurbish, repair, maintain, program, and supply parts for all makes and models, including Westfalia (GEA), Alfa Laval, and Tetra Pak. We provide warrantied remanufactured centrifuge equipment, OEM, and aftermarket parts.

Centrifuge Repair Parts and ServiceWe always work with you to find the right solution—one that will work reliably over the long haul. And we won’t just sell you a machine or its parts and then disappear: Our team will get you up and running, train you, and offer ongoing maintenance and service packages for a wide range of disc stack centrifuges. Contact us today.

The Right Parts, The Right Repairs

We’re dedicated to a process-oriented approach. We’ve spent decades investing in a team composed of more than equipment experts and engineers. We bring together people who understand centrifuges and separators and people who understand fluid separation at a fundamental level, in addition to being familiar with your fluids, processes, and industry—down to the individual replacement part level. If you need a new machine altogether, Trucent can provide the right technology for your application. No one else offers this level of comprehensive centrifuge parts and repair service.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to begin that conversation or schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation.


Comprehensive Centrifuge Repair Solutions & Services

Trucent’s Centrifuge Parts and Repair team provides our customers with comprehensive industrial centrifuge maintenance and repair services. We can help you maintain your existing centrifuge—or design an entirely new solution. The goals remain the same: Longer equipment life, higher quality products, lower costs.

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