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Redefining Feedstocks With CORE™

Trucent CORE TruDCO

Our CORE™ (Corn Oil Refinement Equipment) module significantly reduces impurities in distillers corn oil (DCO). The result is cleaner TruDCO™, a ready-made, low-carbon-intensity feedstock, for use in renewable diesel refineries.

CORE™ is suitable for any facility that currently produces DCO or other crude renewable oils. The modules feature an operator-friendly, efficient, fully automated skid-mounted process, as well as a small footprint and low operating costs.

CORE™ Benefits:

  • Reduces gums, trace metals and moisture from a multitude of vegetable oils
  • Compact modular design fits within most existing facilities, eliminating costly buildouts
  • Increases margin and profits
  • Expands commercial markets to renewable diesel

This advancement in oil treatment technology stems from our years of experience in vegetable oil processing and proprietary fluid separation techniques.

Early Adopter Program:

The Early Adopter Program is designed to provide producers with all the tools needed to produce TruDCO™ for direct use by renewable diesel refineries without pretreatment.  The program is comprised of analytical, quality, technical, and operational support together with a comprehensive oil marketing program.

  • Comprehensive analytical lab equipment and tools to measure TruDCO™ product quality, as well as analytical training, validation, service, and support
  • Routine technical and operational support of the CORE™ module, including specialized technology parts, maintenance assistance, training and oversight
  • Oil sales and marketing services including complete product logistics management
Corn oil separation system

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Third COSS Module Adds $1.2M in DCO Annually


Adding a third Corn Oil Separation System (COSS-SL) module helps Midwestern ethanol producer generate $1.2M annually and decrease additive costs by $300K.


Within weeks, the third COSS installation and integration was compatible and produced 24% more DCO (limited by feed fat feed tag requirements). In addition, a 70% reduction in chemical usage was achieved.

“Quick responses, personal service, and knowledgeable technicians are able to achieve desired results with little fuss or disruption of our process.”

Engineering Manager, Current Customer