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Exceeding Expectations for Clean, Sustainable Biotech


Asking More from Biotech: There are more consumers than before—but as usual, they want more: They want more of the product, delivered with more nutritive value. They want it to arrive sooner, cleaner, and with fewer consequences to the environment. That’s a lot to want—but we’re to help you meet that demand.

The Trucent Difference: Optimizing Your Equipment and Process

Your product and your operation are unique. No one else in the world is handling the same materials as you are, in the same setting, under the same conditions. And you cannot meet those unique challenges with some generic solution.

That’s why at Trucent, we dedicate ourselves to understanding your process before we make any suggestions on how to improve it. We’ve spent decades investing in a team that goes beyond equipment experts and engineers. Trucent teams bring together decades of experience with filtration, fluid recovery, centrifugation, and separators.

Expert separation technology and know-how is a must for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. From protein precipitates to enzymes to omega-3 fatty acids from algae — all can be separated using centrifuge technology.

Augmented by our laboratory and pilot facilities, Trucent’s portfolio of technology and separation expertise can help you succeed with a solution designed specifically to extract exactly what you are looking for — from pilot trials to production runs within your facility.