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Wine Clarification & Centrifugation

Wine Centrifuge Clarification

Purpose-Built Wine Centrifuge Solutions

The right wine centrifuge technology doesn’t just protect flavors and improve shelf life. It’s an investment that increases yield, improves quality, and ensures longevity. Centrifuge processing is a quick and effective method for separating liquids and insoluble matter at every winemaking stage, without risk of degrading your finished wine. It also permits selective separation at every stage. 

For example, a high-speed centrifuge can be used to clarify must, removing dirt, grit, grape residue, stem matter, and any other foreign contaminate that may have been on the grape, cluster, or harvesting/transport equipment. After fermentation, that same wine centrifuge can then be used to remove yeast cells and various other compounds, with no settling time. 

DW Series Wine Processing Centrifuges: Flexibility Meets Performance

Centrifuges are widely used in food and beverage production. But wine processing poses unique centrifugation challenges. The high solids content of must has a significant impact on centrifuge wear, with ramifications for almost every aspect of the unit’s design. The interior configuration of the disk stack, disk angle, operating speeds, seal design, and metallurgy specifications all come into play. 

For wine processing applications, Trucent exclusively deploys our DW Series two-phase clarifier centrifuges. The DW Series of centrifugal separators are purpose-built for winemaking. In side-by-side trials, these centrifuges consistently outperform other centrifuges—even those optimized for winery operations. 

DW clarifier centrifuges are equipped with a special soft inlet feeding system for gentle product handling, reducing sheer to protect against product damage. Hydraulic sealing minimizes oxygen pick up, and DW Series centrifuges are also available with mechanically sealed hermetic bowls (vital in cases where oxidation must be absolutely avoided). 

Self-cleaning DW centrifuges are extremely versatile and can be used at several points during wine processing. Their high-efficiency solids discharge (80 to 85% solids for must, 90 to 95% for wine) means lower wine and must waste volume and less lost product. Because a DW wine centrifuge can take dirty must and clean it to the micron, you avoid having to deploy filters post-fermentation or between rackings.

Adding a centrifuge doesn’t mean your existing filtration becomes a wasted sunk cost. The centrifuge makes your existing filters perform better and protects their expensive membrane cartridges. By eliminating pre-filtration settling times, you save days in production.  The result is lower operating costs with a better—and more consistent—flow rate than with filtration alone. 

DW centrifuges are built for high-efficiency and low-cost operation with very little operator interaction. They are available in several sizes and configurations, all of which can be built in a fully automated design. Trucent’s manufacturing quality management system includes inspection at every critical phase. Our dynamic bowl balancing procedure has the highest tolerances in the industry, ensuring smooth operation. Between extremely high build quality, a high-efficiency design, and clean-in-place solids ejection, Trucent’s DW wine centrifuges have a very low cost of ownership. 

Expert Teams Come to You

A process-oriented approach to customer service has been the backbone of Trucent’s business for decades. Today, we offer the most comprehensive service you’ll find anywhere.

Our teams bring together experts in equipment, the fundamentals of fluid separation, and the intricacies of winery operations. That team will meet you where you are: If you already have a wine clarification system, we can help you get more out of it. If you’re new to media-free separation of liquids and gas, we’re here to work with you and find a solution that will serve you well into the future. Our team will get you up and running, train your team, and offer ongoing guidance, maintenance, and service packages.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to start that conversation and find a better way to clarify your wine and must, and protect the unique experience in every glass.

“We put a phone call in, met Chris, and the rest, as they say, was history.”

Kevin Sibbett, Yuengling Brewing Manager