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Reliability in your plant starts with reliable lubrication—not just the reliable flow of lube, but the reliable management of your lubricant and lubrication filtration system overall.

Your hydraulic presses, engines, and other equipment don’t operate in an ideal world. They operate in the gritty world of manufacturing. Even “sealed systems” have breather elements that need to suck in air to keep the lube oil flowing. That air invariably brings in particles and moisture. As those contaminants accumulate, they drag down efficiency, decrease the precision of operations, and damage the high-performance components in your equipment.

Periodically flushing your system and recharging may seem like an acceptable solution. But this can actually pose even more significant risks: Flushing churns up the debris that’s settled throughout your hydraulics and other equipment. Without proper intervention, you’ll contaminate your fresh oil and destroy your valves.

The right lubrication management system focuses on ongoing particulate management and moisture removal. But in order to function properly, such a solution needs to be designed to meet your specific challenges—not some generic filtration spec.

Fluid Management Service for Industrial Fluids

Custom Lubrication Maintenance Services

This is why Trucent is dedicated to a process-oriented approach to lubrication and fluid management, one that extends tool life, increases part quality, improves the operator environment, and drives down costs. Our Fluid Performance Program relies on teams with a broad base of expertise: filtration equipment and technology, fundamental research into the chemistry and physics of fluid separation, and decades of experience in your industry and your processes and operations. That group works with you to find the right lubricant for the right intervention, harness the right technology to keep it clean, and match these to the right application. That dedicated Trucent account manager and technician can be with you full-time, on-site, or intermittently. They can manage your lubes on a daily basis, with laboratory analytical assessment.

But your Trucent team does more than just handle lubricant and oil purchases, monitor fluids, and maintain them at appropriate flow rates, levels, and concentrations. They catch small abnormalities before they become expensive problems, pinpoint contaminants at their source, and find ways to separate these contaminants from your flow as early as possible. When your lube, oil, or other fluids are finally spent, your Trucent team will recycle or dispose of them with minimal negative impact to your business and our world. No one else offers this level of comprehensive lubrication management.

Every solution begins with a conversation. Contact us today to explore better ways to manage and recycle your lubricant. If you’re ready, we can schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation. Our engineers will walk your entire process, sample fluids at every critical juncture, and begin the process of making your coolant filtration system as efficient and trouble-free as possible.


Complete Lubrication Filtration Solutions & Services

Trucent provides comprehensive solutions to address your filter challenges. We can help you maintain your existing lubrication systems and filters—or design an entirely new particulate removal solution. We can install one piece of equipment or an entire team to manage all your filtration technology on a daily basis. The goals remain the same: Cleaner lubricant, longer tool life, higher quality parts, and a healthier bottom line.

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Honing Oil Cost Reduction

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Engine Manufacturer Reduces Honing Oil Costs by 70%

It was a very precise hone, and the cost of late-stage product scrap was high. Losing control of fluid costs was an issue, but failing to maintain fluid purity to spec would cost even more.

Since implementing the solution, the engine manufacturer reduced fluid-related costs on this honing operation by 70% and realized an investment payback in less than three months. The plant is more productive after eliminating the introduction of contaminants to their process.

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