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Craft Beer Clarification
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Ethanol – Corn Oil Extraction
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Food and Beverage


From beer to protein rendering, Trucent technology and services can be used to increase production, improve quality, and create a coproduct revenue stream.

A significant volume of beer, wine, and spirits can be lost in the process through suboptimal decanting and clarification — or simply by being carried off with the spent yeast, for example. Trucent’s technology can quickly remove impurities, particulates, and spin-off yeast with the additional benefit of extracting the beer or wine trapped in them. Centrifuge technology can improve consistency and quality control so the last bottle is as good as the first, all while improving throughput and increasing production, which leads to higher revenues and profits.

Centrifuge and other filtration technologies also provide advantages in protein rendering and other food industries. With the right technology, many of the byproducts of protein rendering, like fats and oils trapped in the wastewater, can be recovered, creating additional coproduct revenue streams and reducing waste costs.