Industrial Fluid Purification
Services and technology designed to fit your process fluid and industrial wastewater purification needs.

Craft Beer Clarification
We know our craft, and we sure love yours.

Ethanol – Corn Oil Extraction
Leading-edge technologies and unmatched services designed to maximize your corn oil potential.



Batch Reclamation Systems


Batch reclamation is a surefire way to reduce waste, save money, and improve product quality while increasing tool life and enhancing operator environment. Trucent’s batch reclamation systems can be custom-fit to your plant or executed with our mobile oil-purification truck.

The focus of a batch reclamation system is to remove dirty fluid from a manufacturing operation and place it into a “dirty tank.” From there, Trucent leverages a vast array of separation technologies, implementing the most effective option for the application. Once the fluid is purified to spec, it is then returned to the process.

Batch reclamation reduces the amount of metalworking fluids required for applications and eliminates the need for the dumping and recharging of sumps. As a result of consistently using clean fluids, our customers also see an overall improvement in their product quality.