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Case Study Featured on Machinery Lubrication (machinerylubrication.com/Read/358/purify-oil)

An automotive transmission plant, located in Michigan, was facing a potential production emergency. A 12,000-gallon centralized (cutting oil) system had been contaminated with almost 3 percent water. Production could not afford to stop the line, the oil supplier could not supply 12,000 gallons of broaching oil, and yet expensive tooling was being destroyed. The plant was in a dire situation.

An obvious solution was to drain, dry and recharge the system. This, however, would have necessitated a shutdown and a supplier change – neither of which was acceptable to plant management. The problem was solved using an onsite centrifugal purification service for oils.

The broaching oil was provided from a 12,000-gallon central filtration system located under the floor. Somehow, almost 350 gallons of water leaked into the system. When the oil purification service technicians arrived, the water level was 2.8 percent, and solid levels were 82 ppm.

A mobile reclamation unit was brought onsite to implement the water and sediment reduction plan, attaching to the plant’s electric system, and connected hoses in a kidney-loop configuration to pull oil directly out of and back into the central system.

The centrifuges were calibrated to remove the maximum amount of water with each pass. A removal efficiency of 98 percent water was achieved in a single pass. Progress was evident within a few hours. After 12 hours, the water level dropped from 2.8 percent to below 1 percent. The situation continued to improve hourly. Within the next two to three hours, the water level dropped below 0.5 percent. Within 22 hours, the water level had dropped to below 500 ppm.

Ensuring stable tool costs, reducing downtime for tool changes, and ensuring that production could continue. Production rates were able to resume to normal, acceptable levels. Savings included the cost of new broaching oil, new tooling, reduced downtime, and resumed production rates. The Trucent emergency oil remediation service cost this company $0.80 per gallon, saving the customer $17,300 in oil costs alone.

Many of the problems associated with dirty or contaminated oil can be solved through onsite centrifugal purification to purify oil. In an emergency situation or as part of a routine, data-driven contaminant control program, this technology can positively impact production, quality, costs, waste disposal, and environmental issues for a manufacturing facility. In this case, the emergency oil remediation service saved $17,300 in oil costs, reduced downtime and saved tooling and allowed for continued production.

The Trucent fluid purification process is the same for any fluid. The fluid may be initially tested to ensure that the purification process will yield fluid of acceptable purity and integrity. Once the ability to perform purification is confirmed, a modular or mobile approach is instituted.

Contaminated fluid is drawn into the purification unit, where it undergoes several stages of purification. Technicians test the fluid during purification to be sure it meets your cleanliness standards and retains necessary additives. The cleaned fluid is returned to circulation for continued use.

The process continues, operated and maintained by service technicians, until contaminant target levels are achieved. Services can be provided on a regular schedule, as emergency remediation, and as a continuous or dedicated contaminant control strategy.

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