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When an organization takes a smart approach to industrial fluid management, it can reap huge benefits. For example, Trucent was contacted by a stamping plant producing automotive parts. As an initial step at that plant, the coiled steel feedstock was sent through a pair of alkaline wash tanks. This was an effective cleaning process, but slow. (The feedstock collected a good deal of dirt through production, storage, and shipping, and the wash needed frequent swapping.)

To explain the situation, Dave Semersky (a 40-year veteran of industrial fluid management and purification) makes an analogy to washing dishes:

“You start with a sink full of fresh, sudsy water. You wash the first dish, set it aside, and it’s clean as a whistle. You do the second, the third dish–they’re all clean. You’d eat off of any of them. By the 20th or 30th dish, that water is pretty dirty. It takes longer to get the dish clean.”

At home, you’d just drain the sink and run fresh water, at a cost of maybe one or two cents in water and soap. Things are different when you’re running two 7,000 to 10,000-gallon tanks of alkaline wash.

“We went in simply to keep the wash clean, so they didn’t have to dump the fluid so frequently. Once we put our technology on those washers, they realized that washing parts was the slowest point in their entire production process. When we cleaned the wash baths, they discovered that they could increase production, without increasing the number of work hours or laborers. They could make thousands of tons more per year because they could go faster, because their washing process was that much faster.”

Multiple Improvements from a Single Change in Industrial Fluid Management

When they contacted Trucent, the plant’s goal was just to avoid having to purchase so much washing fluid. However, because they brought in a team with a deep understanding of industrial fluids and fluid separation, and a diverse array of techniques and technologies to draw on, the plant ended up with a quadruple win:

  1. increased production
  2. decreased fluid costs
  3. decreased waste and environmental impact
  4. decreased maintenance costs

“A similar example: We had a customer making wheels for vehicles, and they wanted to save on coolant. We designed and implemented a solution for them that cut their coolant costs per wheel nearly in half–a great savings for them. With that solution in place, their facility was cleaner, it’s a better environment for their operators, the floors aren’t as slippery or hazardous, and they have a better finish on their wheels. There were a lot of secondary benefits, beyond lowering their spend on coolant.”

With the right fluid management system, you can ensure that every drop of your metalworking fluid will continue to perform at its maximum potential for its entire lifecycle. Contact an expert today to begin maximizing the life of your fluids.

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