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Trucent Acquires Separator Restorations, Expanding Centrifuge Service Capabilities

Trucent Mark Meyers, Centrifuge Expert, Centrifuge Parts and Repair

Trucent, Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of Indiana-based Separator Restorations, LLC.  Separator Restorations specializes in disc stack centrifuge / separator maintenance, repair, rebuilds, bowl balancing, and more.  These services enhance the capabilities of Trucent’s Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) business.  Mark Meyers, the owner of Separator Restorations, brings his nearly 40 years of centrifuge repair experience to Trucent and will work within CPR as these great resources are rolled together.  Centrifuge Parts and Repair provides vital parts and repair services for the broader centrifuge industry, servicing brands such as Alfa Laval, Westfalia (GEA), Tetra Pak, Seital (SPX), and others.  Mark Nigh, the Director of Operations for CPR, stated, “The addition of Mark Meyers and Separator Restorations is a perfect fit and a natural extension to the world-class services provided by CPR.”

Separator Restorations will be added to the staff and resources of CPR at their Mooresville, IN location, but in the coming months, CPR will move to Trucent’s new 44,000 sq. ft. CentraSep centrifuges facility in Noblesville, IN.  Jeff Beattey, Vice President of the Trucent Industrial Technologies division, expressed his excitement by stating, “With the consolidation of so many resources in one place, this facility will be second to none in the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of industrial centrifuges.”  Michigan-based Trucent is investing $2,000,000 in this Indiana facility and adding employees and equipment.  Trucent’s Founder and CEO, Tom Czartoski, stated, “Our goal is to build an unmatched Center of Excellence for industrial centrifuges, and the addition of Separator Restorations moves us even closer to that goal.  We are focused on bringing dynamic companies together, and leveraging our collective engineering talents, skilled team members and world class customer commitment.”

CPR provides services for centrifuges used in a diverse range of industries, from dairy, food and beverage, and brewing, to environmental, and all types of industrial applications, and beyond.  Explore the following websites to learn more about Trucent and its companies, products, and services: www.Trucent.com, www.CentraSep.com, www.CentrifugePartAndRepair.com.