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Craft Your Beer with Purpose-Built Centrifuges from Trucent

Revolutionizing Craft Beer: How Trucent Centrifuges are Changing the Game.
Trucent centrifuges are purposefully engineered for the craft brewing industry. Our team of centrifuge experts work closely with craft brewers to thoroughly analyze the unique qualities of beer and how a centrifuge system affects them. This approach allowed us to identify important design features to better protect flavor and aroma, deliver consistent brand characteristics, provide versatility, and create a more stable shelf life.

  • Good beer being trapped in sediments, lost during transfer or dry hopping.
  • Inefficient fermenter usage, leading to production constraint.
  • Inconsistent sedimentation resulting in secondary fermentation, unpredictable quality and flavor profile, or poor shelf life.

Trucent Centrifuges: Built with Your Brew in Mind.

  • Trucent centrifuges are designed with mechanical hermetic seals, protecting the beer from the outside world without the need for consumables. This design ensures that carbonation, aromas, and flavors are not lost during the process.
  • Our centrifuges also have the lowest dissolved oxygen pickup on the market, with a guarantee of less than 10 ppb—usually zero!
  • 10 Centrifuge Model Sizes: Customize your equipment with optional add-ons to make it manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. This adaptability allows for tailoring to different beer styles and facility sizes, and the option to deploy a single centrifuge on the hot side or in the cellar at different times.

Most breweries can immediately increase production by 30% – 50% through a combination of reclaiming beer bound up in the fermenter tank cone bottom and drastically decreasing batch time.

Take control of crafting your beer—speak with our experts today.

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