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Welcome to the Trucent – Applied Engineering Webpage!

The Trucent Applied Engineering Webpage provides you with direct access to information in understanding those industries, applications, and savings generated through the purification and maintenance of industrial process fluids. In doing so, you will develop a good sense of what is possible when considering Trucent as a resource for your on-site service programs.

Tom LeGault

Both Applied Engineering and Trucent intend to grow and develop our relationship as providers in the fluid service business. Deliver what we believe a unique position in the marketplace. That is, leveraging Applied Engineering’s management expertise and Trucent’s ability to purify fluids when managing your customer’s process fluids.

Contact me directly at or by my cell at 734-646-9122. I will arrange a connection with the appropriate Trucent resource in your area to evaluate the opportunity and quote.

Honing Oil Cost Reduction for Engine Manufacturer

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Engine Manufacturer Saves $45,000


A process error enabled 1,500 gallons of water to find its way to the 10,000-gallon central honing oil tank of an engine manufacturer.


The solution resulted in over $45,000 of savings in honing oil and cleanup and drying services. The customer also avoided 48 hours of shutdown, and the oil returned was cleaner and drier than the specified replacement.