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Paint booth sludge removal

PROBLEM: Water wash paint booths build up paint solids in the wash water, which restricts airflow, slows down production, requires continual flocculation chemical management, and increases downtime to clean tanks, pipes, etc. This decreases production and creates higher labor costs and disposal fees, along with many other problems, all of which could be eliminated with a better system.

SOLUTION: Trucent’s CentraSep S-126 centrifuge provides the most effective and cost-efficient method for filtering paint solids from paint booth wash water. Whether a side-draft (water curtain) or down-draft spray booth, and whether using water-based, solvent-based, or 2-component (epoxy) paints, the unique centrifugal separation system will help you consistently maintain cleaner process water. The advantages and benefits of using a CentraSep S-126 filtration system extend to traditional or electrostatic painting and manual or robotic applications. The key is a system that can handle all types of paint and production levels.

Maintaining consistently clean wash water saves you money, increases your production, and maximizes your profits in multiple ways:

Trucent’s customers have experienced tremendous reductions in overall maintenance, labor, and downtime, including decreases in tank cleanings from as much as five times per year down to only one  routine annual cleaning!

The primary alternative to using a CentraSep S-126 filtration system is a float or skimmer system. These systems still have some inherent problems in a paint production environment and often require continual labor-intensive flocculation chemical management. All paint filtration systems use chemicals for denaturing / detackifying the paint and flocculating the small particles into larger clumps. The CentraSep S-126 system wants those flocculated paint solids to stay in suspension in the wash water. Still, the skimmer systems need those paint solids to float, which is much harder to achieve, especially as production levels and paint usage varies, different types of parts are painted, etc. Thus, monitoring and managing this never ending chemical imbalance, checking and adjusting dosing rates, etc. gets complicated and often fails, leading to all the problems mentioned above. 

Conversely, the consistent and superior performance of a CentraSep S-126 can easily handle those production variations. It makes the chemical management easier (or even a non-issue), keeps the wash water continually clean, eliminates the typical problems, and allows paint booth operators to achieve the many benefits mentioned above. A well-designed CentraSep S-126 requires minimal time and effort to both setup and operate, and this centrifuge is the most reliable and requires the least maintenance in the filtration industry.

Trucent has water wash filtration systems in operation around the world. All types of painting facilities have relied on us for decades, and we have proven to be the most effective and dependable systems available for paint. In addition to our experienced Filtration Engineers and Filtration System Designers, we also have dedicated Service Technicians for installation, setup, maintenance, and long-term support.  Contact Us Today to see how we can improve your system and make you more productive and profitable.

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