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Metalworking Reclaim Saves $400,000 Annually

The automotive supplier had 48 independent machine tools, each equipped with its own sump and each performing tasks that produced a high volume of metalworking fluid.

It was inefficient to purify the fluids at 48 separate machines, and the centralized system was unable to keep up with the demand. Therefore, new fluids were being pumped in to maintain purity levels. As a result, the individual machines were overflowing with metalworking fluid that was draining into the waste treatment system.

The customer’s initial approach to the situation was to increase each machine’s sump capacity. Not only did this require a large investment, but it would be difficult to scale as operational demands changed.

Trucent engineers were brought in to review the situation. The recommendation was to install two centrifugal technologies that acted as a single, centralized reclamation system for collection, purification, and return of the fluid for reuse.

Trucent installed two purification modules. The units draw coolant from the current in-ground flumes, remove the solid and liquid contaminants, and return clean coolant back to the individual machines for reuse. Trucent maintains and adjusts the equipment for optimal purification.

“Reengineering the customer’s purification system showed a customer-documented 60% decrease in coolant concentrate usage,” said Dave Semersky, VP of Fluid Solutions at Trucent.

Documentation by the facility also showed a decrease in waste treatment and water usage. Tooling savings totaled over $30,000 in the first four months of operation.

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