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Rethinking Oleochemistry

industrial ultrafiltration separated sediment

The current trajectory of our non-renewable chemical consumption is not sustainable. Oleochemicals, green chemistry, is the answer. But there is a need to diversify feedstocks to create sustainable growth of green chemicals.

Trucent’s Next Start Up: Trucent Renewable Chemicals

Trucent Renewable Chemicals combines the bio-based raw materials from our agricultural customers, technical separation capability from our industrial experience, and leading-edge chemical research. We manufacture environmentally-friendly plant-based chemicals. Our products are used to formulate a wide range of products, including personal care products, animal feed, surfactants, paints, coolants, and lubricants.

Our proprietary technology transforms undervalued and unique feedstocks into green chemical intermediaries. This technology was born out of 10 years within the dry mill ethanol and corn oil extraction space. The low capital process and the cost-competitive operational platform are adaptable to the emerging and dynamic nature of the vegetable oils and plant-based chemistry markets.

Product Line

  • Oleates
  • Fractionated Fatty Acids
  • Fatty Amines
  • Alkanolamides
  • Phytochemicals
  • Glycerin


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